CA MUni Weekend Tentative Dates

I’ve written a more detailed post for the News And Announcements list. I think those get hand-processed, so not sure when it will go live. Suffice it to say that I’ve chosen tentative dates for MUni Weekend of September 17-19!

I have not discussed this weekend yet with my wife or my co-host, but it seems the most logical one based on the schedule at Northstar. Obviously it could change in the next few days. I’ve posted these dates for the folks trying to plan their Septembers, a few of which are buying plane tickets.

The location will be Lake Tahoe. Some rides we’ve done before, and some brand new. Tentative schedule:

Friday: Mr. Toads Wild Ride

Saturday: Northstar

Sunday: Lloyd’s Trail and Lloyd’s Toys (see photo)

Details to follow, along with a web page. Nothing there yet. Remember, these dates are TENTATIVE, but if no conflicts are found, that’s the weekend!

Oops, forgot the photo:

Nathan and Beau on one of the bridges.

John, that is PERFECT. I am so glad this won’t collide with the Portland Juggling Festival the next weekend.

For those of you who liked the Downieville Downhill last year, Mr Toads Wild Ride is similar. It involves a shuttle and ends much lower than it starts. It’s a little shorter in distance, but does have some actual climbing. It’s more technical and has even better scenery. It’s definitely one of my favorite rides in California.

More photos from a visit to ride with Lloyd in Truckee last September

Mr Toad’s Wild Ride #3, June 2001

Looking forward to it!


That weekend works for me. Mr. Toads sounds like a blast. " Even better scenery than Downieville" is hard for me to imagine.
I am looking forward to it all.

Thanks John.

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S_Wallis <> wrote:
)That weekend works for me. Mr. Toads sounds like a blast. " Even
)better scenery than Downieville" is hard for me to imagine.

I actually wasn’t impressed with Downieville’s scenery; the trail was
too wooded, so you didn’t get to see much other than trees. (I suppose
to a Texan that might be exciting).

Tahoe is a jewel.

I am not 100% certain about this weekend, but I have no pre-scheduled

Scott, I have an old album of Mr Toad’s photos from June 2000 on ofoto - see if this link works for you June 2001 photos - you’ll probably have to register. But there are some cool photos that show more of the scenery etc. If that link doesn’t work, try this one.


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Hey we have the Piney Woods in East Texas!