ca muni weekend stuff; and fake uni-vid trailer?

  1. these are all of my pictures from the 2003 ca muni weekend:

half of them are actual pictures from my digital camera, and the other half are screenshots from digital video footage. (jess, i have the video footage for you and i just need your address… and check out the picture i took of you, came out good i think.)

  1. remember that unicycling video i was going to make? well, if all goes well it should come out in the middle of summer 2004. i had a few clips of the footage in my gallery, but i replaced them with a fake trailer. you see, i’ll make a real trailer when i’m finished, to entice you to order it (it will be free except shipping). but for now, you can enjoy this until the real trailer comes out. which was basically what those random clips in there were doing.

i would appreciate any feedback you have. otherwise enjoy… and you’ll probably hate the music. oh, and some stuff like the text looked kind of weird after i exported it.

  • zach

and one more thing. here is a list of riders in the footage. *some are only first names because i don’t have/remember their last names.

zach jucha
kris hellen
david poznanter
scott bond
dan heaton
bruce bundy
(from ca muni weekend 03)
ryan atkins
ben plotkin-swing
mike *
eyal *

Definitely worth the download over 56k… very good! Some of those crashes look rather painful…

I think I must have the wrong audio codec installed; all I could hear was a few minutes of random noise… :stuck_out_tongue:


Re: ca muni weekend stuff; and fake uni-vid trailer?

Hey zack, just watched the fake trailer…hahahaha it was lots of fun, i`m definitly looking foward to that movie, the music was a bit on the punk side, but ok

Great short.

Great Musical Choice.

Nice use of time laps shots.

Make another one soon…


that’s a good sign everything’s working fine :smiley:

thanks very much for the feedback. the music in the real trailer and the final movie will definitely be more “friendly” but expect one or two of these kind of songs in the finished movie.

chex, sorry but you’ll have to wait until summer… but at least then you can order the real thing which i’m hoping will be like 20+ minutes.

and, it will be free. just shipping costs.

thanks again!

  • zach


Zach, I only now stumbled upon your “fake trailer.” Nice job! Are you still on schedule with the release? I was surprised to see myself listed as a featured in the video because I had no idea that footage was taken of me at Granite Bay. But it’s a very pleasant surprise as I’ve yet to be in a uni video. If it ends up in the final cut, you mentioned you didn’t have my last name. It’s Aharoni.

Anyway, I hope to see that soon, and I hope to make more good photo ops at Tahoe this September, eh?


I just saw this trailer, too. I also happened to haved just gotten back from living in the dorms and taking classes at UCSC for a month. A lot of those spots look familiar. The failed railgrind at the end looks like it’s the stairs near the campus bookstore and I also recognize one of the railings you ride (the wooden one with the small screen below it) as a rail near a bus stop on the road leading to the campus pool and east field. I remember that eing a bit of a hefty drop on the other side. Good job. Also, one of the stairs you ride down that was sets of two with railings on the sides I seem to remember. Also, was that a beach in Santa Cruz? I recognize that arch… Also, one of the drops you do looks like it was in the bleachers in the outdoor ampitheater. Also, I think I too have glided the hill you do in the trailer. Very strange… I wish I’d gotten more chances to ride and been more gutsy, I ended up just hopping on rocks near the bookstore. I only did one rail ride and it wasn’t very good.