C.U.T - Croatian Unicycle Turnament 2012

From 18. - 20. of May 2012 we will celebrate the C.U.T in Samobor/Croatia.
The C.U.T is dedicated mostly to MUni riding and is also part of the European MUni series “Taste of Mud”. We will provide some nice tracks in the beautifull landscape of Samobor area including a night downhill race (fun event) but we will have also a Flatland competition embedded in the activities of CuFus, a big Juggling / Slackline event where C.U.T is embedded. You find some clips that give you a impression about the location and tracks in the Media section of C.U.T homepage.
So if you would like to do some amazing MUni ride, have a lot of fun and party and go for exciting downhill races, sign in now for C.U.T

Comments about the tracks by those few riders that ride it so far:
Urh Pantner:
“The first track is really good for all riders it have tehnical parts, fast lines (highway), few steep parts and it is not too long so you can realy enjoj riding it. Second track is much more steeper and tehnical, it’s not for beginners, but all good riders can make it, for me its one of the best tracks!”

Darja Schlote:
“Samobor Forrest offer plenty of challanges for Muni Riders and also Samobor itslef is a nice and beautifull little city in the middle of the forrest. It is a must for all Downhill lovers”