C.U.T. - Croatian Unicycle Tournament

C.U.T. - Croatian Unicycle Tournament
18. - 20.05.2012

Croatian Unicycle Tournament (C.U.T.) will take place from 18. till 20. of May. C.U.T. is a part of the great juggling convention CU’FUS.
Although there are many tracks, we will only use three of them for the competitions. The “don’t fall” competition will take place on the easier track, the race on the harder one. There is going to be a short, easy and fun night ride race and you can try out all the other tracks too.
If there will be enough people, we can do a flatland competition, otherwise we’ll keep the focus on downhill and many more surprises.
We organized sleeping places at a hostel and food (you will find all information about that on the C.U.T. webpage). The registration is opened and you can find the registration form and more information on http://cut.monocikl.com .

Some videos of the tracks (appear pretty different while seeing them live):

Some people already visited Samobor, and this is what they said:
„It’s not for beginners, but all good riders can make it, to me it’s one of the best tracks!“ – Urh Pantner about the harder track.
„We (Darja and me) were in Samobor to take a look at the possible tracks and saw some amazing Downhill tracks! Samobor’s forest offers plenty of challenges for Muni Riders and also Samobor itself is a nice and beautiful small city in the middle of a forest. It’s a must for all downhill riders to join C.U.T. for some great days full of great riding on many different tracks going up from easy to hardcore.
There will also be a lot of action in the city whilst C.U.T. and we can expect several thousand people over the weekend, which want to see juggling, slacklining and unicycling. They offer a place in a hostel close to the little river and you can also get hotel rooms if you prefer more comfort. In short words, C.U.T offers a great location, good food, perfect tracks and big fun!!!“ – Olaf Schlote

Here is another video. This is whole easy track

Here are some photo albums.
http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.19330479535.25494.735784535&type=3 - This is Samobor in April

http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150563394329536.394628.735784535&type=3 - This is easier track from 2 weeks ago.

cut.monocikl.com is offline, because server was hacked, but problem should be fixed soon( we hope tommorow)

Homepage is online again

We fix the Problem last night so the CUT Homepage (and several other unicycle related pages which was off the last two days) is online again. Sorry for that trouble.

So now register yourself for that challange!

To make it more comfortable for all people to arrive and went back home in time we change a bit the schdule and so all races will now happen on Saturday.
Qualification runs will be done Saturday morning between 9:30 and 12:00 (don’t panic, it will be relaxed for all anyway :wink: ) The final race will happen then at 15:00 or 15:30 also on Saturday. Saturday at 20:00 we will do Flatland and after that the Podiums will be done. Sunday is then Freeride day to enjoy the forrest or people can went to Zagreb for some city ride if they like.
I hope this will make the traveling schedule for all of you more easy.

FWIW, CUT also stands for the “California Unicycle Tour”.

I tried to look that up through Google but couldn’t find a single reference. I was going to look if they had a logo, and if it was as cool as the Croatian one. It probably isn’t huh?