Bye Bye Cokey

Raphael, I have calmed down now… well, no I haven’t, I can still feel the effects of the coffee from last night :D:D:D:D

Freemounting the coker… Run and jump. On road (including in traffic) almost 100% success, on narrow path (ie canal towpath) probably about 75% success.

Oh yes, did I tell you all about my coker’s little adventure? I was riding along the canal towpath when I came to a low bridge. I was sure I’d been underneath it before on the coker, but this time I had to duck really low. I thought I would be ok but the ceiling kept on getting lower and lower so I jumped off. For some reason I missed grabbing the seat and it went bouncing off into the canal!! Luckily for me it floated.

Had I been on a 29er I would not have come off, and would not have had something to laugh about for the next week or two!

I started my longdistancing on a 29er (well, 28er) but decided the coker was infinitly superior. It is, as you say over there, AWESOME!!!

Mmmm, coffee

O yeah, I forgot to mention;

Well said both Sofa and Rhysling. Some people just don’t appreciate the full genuis of the coker. Autopilot on a unicycle, you won’t find it anywhere else.

Hmmm, that Blueshift does sound very tempting. Harper, any plans for her coming over to the UK?

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same experience (though I got mine last week)
then a friend told me to slow it down and go with more amplitude
I suddenly realized I was not dancing rock-and-roll with a 40kg lady
but with a more imposing matron
it worked and I think that in about 100 freemount tries
I will get high on Coker :stuck_out_tongue: !


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Not recommended!

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My wife’s tattoo is, sadly, not unicycle related, but you can see it here:

It’s on her right shoulder.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

But had your 29er ended up in the canal for some other reason, it probably would have sank, given the minimal tire volume.

Exactly :smiley:

little 20"

i’m perfectly happy wiht my little 20" uni :slight_smile: