buying uni

I am about to buy another uni (maybe).what all should i look out for?the person i talking to said it was bought over sea’s and put together in the US.And said it has never been used.if anyone can help thanks.

Get a trials uni from
Nimbus are great if you’re on a budget (still quite expensive though :() and KH if you have the cash!
you definitely want ISIS as if you do much hopping on square taper you will break it.
hope you get a good uni! :slight_smile:

I am pretty sure he is talking about a specific uni he is considering buying.

This is what comes to my mind:

  1. It should fit your height without any looseness in between the seat tube and the fork’s neck. A seat tube can be shortened with a saw, but nobody has yet managed to lengthen it that way.
  2. If the saddle isn’t comfortable, calculate a new one too or don’t buy it.
  3. Check wether it can be true that it has never been used: Does anything creak or run unsmoothly? How about wear of the tire (it should still have a line of rubber in the middle from the production process - at least my tire had that when it was new)
  4. Is it the uni you want? Read what AlisterBurt writes about stability and axis standards. Consider crank length and wheel size (there’s a lot to find on this forum about these issues).

i have a uni in mind…but thanks

and thank you…i might be looking at it sometime twomorrow