Buying Spokes

So, I went to the LBS today to buy me some spokes. They had the right size, but wrong colour. Plus, I doubt they are the strongest spokes in the world. I asked them if I could order some black ones through them and they said that you can’t find any in Cyprus.

So, I’m thinking of buying spokes through the internet. I need some strong 234mm G14 spokes. I went to and they had some 231mm ones. Would that fit my wheel? I found these, but they are really expensive. Are they worth it? I have a 24" qu-ax that I do trials with. I bent the spokes that I had to replace by hitting the uni against a rock. What spokes do I need that will withstand that sort of blows?

Also, do you know any good online shops that sell spokes and ship to Cyprus?

You should just buy spokes from your LBS and paint those black or ask if they could do that. Or is that possible at all? Btw those expensive spokes are made to light, not strong so I wouldn’t recommend those. It’s your choise of course. :slight_smile: Ask Roland ( if he have right size of spokes.

The spokes don’t play a huge part in strength for the wheel. A good wheel build, with tight ass spokes is the way to go.

I got ripped off by my LBS for spokes. sells (Page 5, Paragraph 3) DT spokes that can be cut to any length (in moderation). 36 Black DT champion spokes for $35CAD, or $30USD. Small Package postal service will be a few bucks.

lol not to cyprus it wont.

try getting some spokes from a known make so u hopefully get quality ones… ask roland and rodger from udc and mdc.