Buying "One Tired Guy" or "Unizaba" in Utah

I am looki’ for a place to buy either of these by tomorrow (that is why I can’t use the internet) and I can’t find a place!!! help me, please, peace

You can get Unizaba on the “New World Disorder 2: Fat Tire Fury” DVD. Unizaba is a bonus extra on the DVD. Unizaba is not on the VHS version of Fat Tire Fury. The main part of Fat Tire Fury also has a segement featuring Kris on the North Shore.

Then try to find the original “New World Disorder” video which has a segment featuring Kris.

That combo will get you most of the footage that is in One Tired Guy. You’ll be missing some footage like “Whitetrax” which has Kris riding down a ski slople on the snow, some interview segments with Kris, and a few other bits.

You should be able to find both of the New World Disorder videos at a local bike shop. A freeride oriented bike shop would be more likely to have the videos. If you’re in SLC try GO-RIDE <>


Thanks John, I am close enough to SLC (by the by, my name is Jonathan, Jon, or John too!!!)
I just thought of a new saying, “someday we will all meet Kris” Peace

I own FTF DVD, and the Unizaba feature is only about 8 minutes…I don’t think that is all the footage Unizaba has to offer

There’s a really cool North Shore scene in North Shore Extreme III

In the other videos, it seems like he’s trying to showcase all his great abilities (which is awesome, don’t get me wrong), but in NSX3, it shows him on a long ride through the Shore, just like it’s a day out riding, and that’s fantastic in itself.

RE: Buying “One Tired Guy” or “Unizaba” in Utah

> I just thought of a new saying, “someday we will all meet Kris”

Kris comes to the conventions…


shore riding

i like it the best when thers kris holm footage on the shore, the other stuffs cool, but the shores always the best, its so beautifal out in the bush, with the bridges, and somtimes mist. Ive beeen looking for movies with segments with kris riding the north shore, found a few. the part on New World Dissorder is pretty good. later

I think there is footage of Kris in all 5 of the North Shore Extreme series. 1-4 has some shore footage and 5 has a little bit of FLOW riding. He’s also in some bike trials videos as well.