Buying new unicycle-trials.

Hello !.. I need help choosing the new trials uni. The problem is… that i dont have so much money at the moment… to buy KOXX1 gold edition. I have to wait two or three months to gather such money. I want to know, how big difference is for example between KOXX and Nimbus trials unicycle 2007 20". Is three months of waiting worth that ? I live in Estonia as you see … and i probably buy uni from Sweden. The pricelist is damm short there :frowning: . And what do you think about QU-AX, i dont trust it for some reasons… I have rode with unicycle for three months or less … and im ready to jump from 5th stairs… or do something bigger. :sunglasses:

I don’t know much about the Nimbus line except for that my “Performer Giraffe” is built very well. I’d highly recommend the qu-ax trials though. For the $ they are very nice, but the seat is horrible. Switch to a KH seat and it’ll be killer.

Koxx unis are great, pretty light, nice design, and cheap if you buy it at the right place.

There is a big difference between the Nimbus and Koxx. Koxx has a splined crank and hub set, and the Nimbus has the cotterless set up. This makes Koxx way stronger.

Qu-Ax is a great uni, a tad heavier than the Koxx, but probably has a stronger hub/crankset. I have never heard of anyone ever breaking their Qu-Ax.

Koxx, Qu-Ax, your gonna be getting a strong, amazing trials unicycle.