buying new uni

my friend wants a uni so im deciding to sell my uni to him so i have a uni buddy and then buying a new one and i was wondering would it be a good idea to buy a long distance one or a 20-24inch one just so i can go a little faster and do sum tricks aswell , i guess my questin is should i buy a 24 inch one do do tricks on and go faster, a 20inch trials one or a coker? thx if you reply

wel if you sold your uni to your mate and its only like a 20", u cant go cokering with him

well you have point there but thats why im asking whether i should get a coker, 20,24,29 ect

This is a really vague question… it all depends on what style of riding you want to do. I’ll try to answer, assuming that the uni you sold him was a 24". If you want to ride with your friend, then I wouldn’t recommend getting a Coker unless he’s planning on getting one soon as well. A 29er might be all right, as long as he’s ok with a little harder riding and you’re ok with toning down the speed a good amount so he can keep up. As far as either a 20" or a 24" goes, again, it depends on what you want to do. If you want to do Muni/street/slightly faster riding, go for the 24". If you’re more into technical trials lines or freestyle routines, go for the 20".

thx for that I think im going to get a 24 inch and yeah sorry sbout the vague question (im getting it from garry land )