Buying my first unicycle

Hi everyone,

I am new to unicycling. I have only once tried a clown’s unicycle for 5 minutes. I am about to order my first unicycle. I found the Sun 24" Flat top unicycle online. Does anyone know whether this is a quality unicycle or not? It costs $100. Also, is it okay to buy online? My local bicycle shop has a Qu-Ax brand 20" standard unicycle, but it costs $200 and is smaller than I would like.

I am 5 foot 11 (178cm) tall. I would like to master unicycle riding and eventually be able to use it as a practical means of transportation.

I actually just purchased my first unicycle a few days ago (Waiting for it to come in the mail!) I bought a Torker LX 24 because thats what everyone was telling me to buy on here. Here is a link to my post, which should help with some of the questions you have. - Looking to get into Unicycling.

You can also browse for other options here -

Hopefully this helps.

Hi Jaxon,

Thanks for your reply, but unfortunately the Torker LX 24" (which I also found online) does not ship to my country (Lebanon). Otherwise, I would probably have ordered it.

If you can I would get a nimbus uni. Like this:
Or try to get something off ebay/craigslist to start with. The nice uni will ride much nicer. I’m kinda glad I started on a kids uni. Its very squirrely to any subtle movements so I had to understand the sideways balance pretty good. But now I wouldnt go back to it as my new one is amazing! Today its raining but with the fat tire and large pedals with plastic pins on them, I can still practice. :smiley:

Shopping in Lebanon

The Sun is not a terrible uni, for starting out. Post for us the names of other uni’s you can buy. Qu-ax is a good brand (better then Sun).

Generally, most of us here buy all our unis on the net, because our local bike shops don’t carry any. I would be very surprised to find a Qu-ax here !

The seat will kill you with the Sun, worse then it’s other faults. Can you buy a KH seat online ? A Sun 24 with a KH free ride seat would be a lot more comfortable then most beginner unis.

Let us know what you find that can be shipped to Lebanon. Then we can sort it for you. If UDC UK (unicycle dot com) or Municycle in Germany will ship to you, they have great stuff, good selections.

Thanks for your helpful suggestions and ideas. I think I’ll buy the Sun 24" then. And if I don’t like the seat, I will order a KH seat online.