buying KH splined wheelset in Canada...

Does anyone know where/if there is anyone in Canada that sells replacement KH splined wheelsets? I want to upgrade my current non-splined KH trials uni because I’ve already bent a set of cranks and I’m only getting better.

With Santa fast approaching, I’ve been looking for a cheap splined wheelset. I’ve contemplated getting the Qu-Ax ones, but I don’t want to order from another country in case I have to pay massive amounts of duty and/or tax. I’m also not exactly certain if they’ll fit (gotta measure), so I want to see about getting the KH splined wheelset. sells both the non-splined and splined versions of the trials unicycle, so I’m gonna fire off an email to them, but I’d like some thoughts from fellow unicyclists. How strong is that setup? Has anyone ever broken those cranks yet? If so, what were they doing?

Is there a better alternative that I can get in Canada that might be cheaper/a better value?

Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:


Have you tried getting in touch with Darren Bedford (   Chances are he's got the splined crankset you're looking for, and at a very good (Canadian!) price.  Send him an e-mail and ask - I don't think the price list that's up on his web site has all the stuff he carries.



Re: buying KH splined wheelset in Canada…

the kh cranks? somebody broke them, doing crazy stuff.
thats what i heard anyway, from some germans.

however there isnt a setup out there that some crazy man didnt break. people have broken profiles.

apart from the new qu-ax ones which either:
A: nobody crazy got a set
B:i didnt hear about it.

dont worry about it, just get the cheapest splined ones you can find. theyre all good and its possible to break them all.(just verry hard)

if you end up doing the crazy stuff that breaks strong cranks then treat yourself to a new set. it’ll take you a while.

darren bedford definatly has the hub/cranks.

Re: buying KH splined wheelset in Canada…

One thing you need to know about this:

The KH20 frames for the standard hub have 40mm bearing housings.

The KH20 frames for the splined hub have 42mm bearing housings.

This means that your KH20 won’t fit the KH splined hub. I really wish this wasn’t the case but the problem is that it is not possible to get a bearing that fits both types of hubs and has the same outside diameter.

Your KH frame will fit a Profile hub though, and any future splined hub that also comes with 40mm OD bearings.

Kris Holm.

Re: Re: buying KH splined wheelset in Canada…


btw why then are their shims in the non-splined version?

when i saw the shims inside the bearing holders of a friends nospline kh20 i assumed that the bearings were 40mm and the shim made them fit the 42mm bearing holder.

why didnt they do that in the nospline kh20s?
sureley it was much more expensive to make two diferent frames AND use shims in the nospline version, when they could have JUST used shims.

i know that these tiwanesse factories are a bit chaotic but thats rediculous.

and what size bearing do the nosplines actualy have?
if they need a shim to fit a 40mm bearing housing.?

Re: Re: Re: buying KH splined wheelset in Canada…

OK I forgot that the earliest production run used shims in the std frames. This is not the case in the more recent model, which has 40mm bearing housings. If you have shims in the std frame, you should be OK. Sorry about the confusion.


Well how come my Summit has a shim in it?

the summit frame is a preproduction version of the kh frame.
so it should have 42mm bearing housings. but why indeed shims?
i suppose it would clear things up if you measured the bearings.

thanks kris, i have a friend whos about to by the hub to upgrade his nospline uni. since i told him that it was a good idea i 'd like it to work out for him. at least now we know to double check first.

I don’t know why but for some reason the factory decided to make some frames with 43mm bearings in the prototype. This is why the summit has a shim.