Buying an ultimate wheel

Does anyone have an opinion of which is easier to learn to ride, the 20" or the 24"? Any help would be great.

24 definately, 26 or 28 are even easier. You want to have the tyre well up your let to help you hold it streight. The smaller the wheel the better your pedal pressure control needs to be - 8" is really silly.


Re: Buying an ultimate wheel

What about distance of the pedals from the center [the equivalent of crank length]? Is longer better? How long is ideal, say, for a 28"?

I would recommend the equivelant of 150mm cranks

My 36" ultimate wheel (i took it for 1.5 km today) has the same as 165mm cranks, and is great.

Judging on the benefits of the 36 over the 24, I’d say get the bigger wheel.