buying a unicycle

hey im new to unicycling and was wondering where the best place to buy one
i learned to ride one and hop it but i borrowed it from my freind and would like to buy a new fresh one of my own but anyway so does any body know where to buy a unicycle for 200 and under but is also pretty nice Thanks!

200 what? £,$… :thinking:

$200 dollar bills

Welcome to the forum. is probably your best bet.
They have loads of groovy stuff.
What kind of riding do you intend to do?

By the way, 200 pesos, 200 dollars, 200 pounds?

Never mind.
Ignore the last bit.

You could try
or perhaps
or also
just depends on what it is you want and what kind of riding you want to be doing

probly some freestyle like tricks and whatnot but then again id like to get like a more kinda offroad thing aswell

this or the Kh are good for offroad. You can get a nimbus but you’ll need to upgrade the wheel for any kind of jumping use.

If you want to get freestyle uni get Nimbus X, if you’d like to try some offroad riding Nimbus 24" MUni is good choise. If you like both and can’t make decision between those get trial or street unicycle, but I didn’t fin any trial uni for under 200 $ except 20" Bedford - Light duty which cost exactly 200 $ I don’t how good that is, so I’d recommend one of those Nimbus unicycles. Torker DX cost 250 $, but I don’t know where you can get one.

You can usually pick up a Torker DX, either in 20" or 24" size, on ebay for about $219. It’s a very good and sturdy uni that can be used for a lot of things. I’ve got 2 of 'em and have no complaints. My first one was a 2005 and my second, a 2006. I’ve heard that they’ve made the 2007 stronger. There’ve been a few people who’ve broken the seat tubes off the 2006 models. They supposedly fixed that problem for 2007. Good luck.

get a torker dx or some kind of trials unicycle.

you can use those for freestyle, street, trials, and muni.

oh dear, here comes miles…

A 24" can do all that but trials and some freesyle tricks are harder, but better for speed and muni. I commute on my 24" DX pretty much everywhere in town and can get there in a more reasonable time than on my 20". By communting on my uni, I could just practice whereever I was at and didn’t have to set aside practice time, a big bonus for my bussy schedule.

If you only live a couple of miles from work or school I’d get a trials though, a bit slower, but you will probably progress a bit faster. And if you really get into this, you will want to get the best uni you can. For trials, street, and muni that would be a KH.

Edit: so I’d get this muni or this trials No big drops on eather of these unless you upgrade the hub to splined.
The Nimbus X is great for freestyle but you don’t want to do much trials or muni on it. (20 or

The second link is for the 24"

Sorry I ran out of time to edit.