Buying a Unicycle

I’m about to purchase a uni (entry-level), and I’m not sure if I want go big as of now. I’m about 6’ and around 220lbs.

I’m looking at the 2011 Torker LX 20"/24" and the Nimbus II 20"/24".

I’m leaning towards learning on a 20, just because if I want to learn to go farther, I can, but if I don’t enjoy it I can just give it away since it’s a fairly common size.

If I got the Torker, it’d be stock.

Now…the Nimbus. I’m thinking of getting this:

I’d most likely get the 300mm seat post just to be sure, but I’m not entirely sure about the cranks. I’ve been looking around on the search function about the Qu-ax ISIS cranks, and I keep seeing that people think they’re no good. But then I see the Nimbus Venture Freestyle ISIS cranks and notice that there is only one similar size between the two. What to do?


Simplified questions:

  1. 20" or 24" (I know this is pretty much a useless question to ask, just because of the indecisiveness)

2)Torker or Nimbus II
- If Nimbus, which cranks?

Thanks in advance!


You are tall enough to learn on the much more versatile 24"

I question the 300mm seat post. Seat post length is determined by inseam, not height. A 400mm seat post can be shortened. A 300mm seat post can’t be lengthened.

Both unicycles are more than adequate. Go cheap to learn. It’s going to get banged up.

If you have short legs or buy a 20" go with cranks around 125mm. 150mm cranks are useless on a 20". If you have long legs, 150mm cranks will probably be to your advantage.

So a 20" with 400mm seat post and 150 cranks…Except for that Nimbus II, I’d have to buy the cranks separately. The Qu-axs only go up to 145. I guess those should suffice, though.

I think I measured my inseam being somewhere around 30"/31".

Given your size, get the 24". The Torker would be fine as you learn.

+1 on the 400mm post eps if you get the 20. Most feel that cranks over 125mm are too long for a 20" (although trials unis usually have cranks 135-145). IMO longer cranks makes learning most basics less scarry (which is big at first) and easier (but not significantly). Most feel that 150 cranks is about right on a 24.

Qu-Ax aluminum ISIS cranks are not strong when compared to other splined cranks, but plenty strong when compaired against cotterless ones (I think it’s actually the same crank just cotterless or ISIS interface)

20 is a bit easier to learn to ride for most, better for most tricks, light trials, small spaces, and slightly more portable (easy to strap to a backpack).

24 is more versitile, better for cruising, faster, rolles over bumps better, light Muni, and some feel that certain tricks are easier like wheel walking (WW).

Thanks for all the input, guys. I’m now leaning towards the Torker more so, but I’m still unsure. I’m also thinking of just getting a 24" for now, because it seems that I could ride it for the most part stock. With the 20", I’d have to get new cranks and a new seatpost. Maybe that Nimbus will be my second. :stuck_out_tongue:

So then which style crank would I choose for the Nimbus? Nimbus Venture cranks or the Qu-Ax? The Qu-Ax cranks are the longer of the two choices.

I stand by my statement. If you buy a 20" unicycle get cranks that are about 125mm. The 150mm cranks would only be to your advantage if you got a 24" unicycle and had long legs. If your inseam is 30"-31" you don’t have particularly long legs.

Thank you for this advice. I think I’m closer to being sure about what to buy.