Buying a Unicycle...

Hello, thanks for your community (I’m about to become part of it). I’m going to buy a unicycle just for fun (is there any other reason?); but don’t know what size to get. I’m 6’1", 85kg and 40 years old - I’ve never ridden one before, so my selection criteria is purely based on 1. what would be the easiest one for me to ride, 2. Wife is 5’2", would she be able to ride it as well? and 3. Daughter is 9yrs old and 5’ (but not forever) - I’d love for her to have a crack at it. From what I can read so far, it looks like the 20" would be better than the 24" - but not sure. I’d be really grateful if you could give me a quick answer to confirm this… thanks in advance

Yeah a 20 inch is probably the best idea. A Torker or Club from should work nicely or maybe something used on Craigslist if it doesn’t say “vintage”.

I think you’ll find that a seat post that fits you will be too long for your wife and daughter. You may need to buy an extra. Of course more than one unicycle would be better since than you could all practice at the same time…

I recommend you call over the phone and ask about seat post lengths.

If it was just for you I would suggest a 24 since you are on the tall side and they are better for cruising around once you learn, but with your wife and daughter in the picture I would definitely say a good 20" with an extra seat/seat post and a quick release post clamp for easy seat swaps.

UDC Club and Torker LX would be good models to learn on.

QU-AX Lexus

the QU-AX Lexus is a fairly cheap, beginners unicycle which automatically comes with two different length seat posts supposedly so the uni grows as you grow, but would also serve your purpose well. a second saddle will also be useful if you intend on changing the size requirement frequently.

(i am a QU-AX fan)

I feel the 24" is easier to learn on. I’ve taught many friends and they all seem to like the 24" more than my 19" trials. Either a 20" or 24" torker would be perfect!

That’s Luxus (in English: luxury).
Never found no luxury extras though. Not a single cupholder, no electric fan, nothing.
I like the UDC club better, mostly because of its looks; it also comes with the better tyre -> feels somewhat better when cornering.

I have the 24" club and you can read my review of it on I own and reviewed the black one. I really like it and ride it to all of my classes. I also have a Nimbus trials which is kinda close to a 20" wheel and I hardly ride it to class because it is slow and the tire is really sticky. Also, I don’t want to wear it down just riding in straight lines!

i am a new member too, got my uni 4 days ago, there are a lot of things to consider,

fisrtly, what you wanna do the unicycle, jumps and street or just ride long or short distances,

if you want long distances, you need a 29’inch wheel or bigger, if it is just to ride around the block, a 24’ inch wheel will do it, torker sells a couple cheap,
if you wanna do trials you need a more expensive uni,

about the height, i would say, buy a 300 mm length saddle, my sadle was too long for me, also 300, but i took a hacksaw and just cut off the excedent, so it was perfect, if you do this, with a 20’ 24’ inch wheels, perhaps all your family will use it, also think on a quick release saddle lock, because if you will constantly will change the heighth, it is tedius with a allan rench

this could help

QU-AX Cross 20" or 24". I learnt on both. Very strong, well built, well balanced, half the price of a KH20 and IMO just as good. You will thank yourself in a month for spending a little extra on one of these and not buying a cheapy that will bend before the year is out. The quality of the latest QU-AX uicycles is outstanding, imo :slight_smile:

I say for learning, 20 is best. if you want to actually travel anywhere, even around the block, you should probably consider a 24 at least. For a child though you’d probably want a 20.