Buying a Unicycle in Ukraine

I was wondering how you would go about getting a unicycle in Ukraine (Kiev). What are the best options for places to buy from? Which is cheapest? Those kinds of things.
I was able to go with a few people from my church to work at a camp in Ukraine and I brought my unicycle. I taught two of the kids there and one of them really wants to get one. He learned to ride in just three hours and could free mount and ride down stairs in five. Plus he learned wearing flip-flops. He loved riding so much that he spent all of his free time working on it and now he really wants to buy a unicycle. So I am doing some research for his dad. If you guys have any thoughts I would love some help. I know that will ship to Ukraine…


what about ordering from in germany?

Yeah you could get a muni trails etc. off there.

sorry, i didn’t see your last line the first time

maybe try

they have a few links to polish unicycle vendors. I dont know how much they stock u’ll have to see. Plus my polish aint good :stuck_out_tongue:

pretty sure i found a koxx1 distributor in eastern europe once cant remember which country exactly. I’ll try find it again.

found it :smiley:

thats in hungaria. I guess they only sell koxx one.

There is a bike shop in Kiev UKraine that sells Koxx uni’s

Check it out.

Your letters are funny looking.