Buying a *Unicycle* at a yard sale turns ugly!

I knew it was just a matter of time until I got arrested for an “EPU”. (Excessive pun usage!) :stuck_out_tongue:
Watch the “cops” facial reaction at 1:02! Haha!

(I can’t believe it’s so easy to get people to go along with my crazy routines lol! But they always seem to fit their parts so well!:D)

Too punny link:


Too great.

I spit out my water on my computer moniter when I heard some of that… Extremely funny. - Or dare I say “Extremely Punny!” Beeper runs from the pun patrol now

Nice job.


I really don’t wanna be a dick… But where is the unicycling? Like, why isn’t there any riding? Are you retired or something?

That was the funniest vid I’ve seen from you…some of those parts you did really good acting and made it really funny. I liked how it faded out sort of at the end. “Anything you say will be used against you to make fun of you” that made me laugh
Nice vid

“Retired” from riding? HAHA! Not a chance! :smiley:

I will be making a kick-ass MUni video tomorrow. For the very first time, I’m taking a videographer along to get moving/tracking shots and cool angles and all that, instead of the usual static tripod stuff.

I just thought since these last two routines are much longer than my usual short “add-on” bits (often *included) in my riding videos, it was better to let these stand alone.

You hiring professional actors now? That cop was excellent!

Funny movie! Yeah, one of your best comedy’s.

was that by any chance your yard sale too there terry because the road behind you looks the same as in the pictures of the crash into your wall?

“Anything you say will be used against you to make fun of you” that made me laugh too. any way im waiting for the kick-ass MUni video now, so dont dissapoint! not like you will your videos are great!

Haha thanks no he lives right next door! We had to do at least 15 takes becuase he [Dave] kept cracking up so much! I should have including those outtakes lol! Yes, he was very convincing as the cop!:smiley:

Yep, right next door! How’s that for convenience lol! That line you quoted at then end…I couldn’t think of how to end it, so I actually ad-libbed it on the spot out of desparation lol! Well, I’m off to the trail for to shoot the MUni vid! HAve a great day all!:smiley:

have fun! waiting for the vid already!!


By the way, I just wanted to tell you about the two guys in the videos. The first guy, Drory Yellen, is a piano tuning customer of mine. After I finished tuning his piano, I asked if he’d be willing to be in the video and do the “fan” bit. He happily agreed!. David Lawrence’s Mom lives right next door to me and Dave comes over to visit her a lot, and lately he’s been doing the yard sale thing each Saturday. Knowing David, I thought he’d be perfect as the “Pun Patrol” cop, so I told him what I wanted to do, and he said sure, and even supplied the badge and walkie talkie! He did a great job! Who needs professional actors, lol!

dunno, i mean why should you pay them loads when there are people willing to do it just to be in a video.

Exactly! And non-actors are sometimes even better than the actual trained professionals! I gotta give big props to David because he played his part to the hilt! No over-acting just matter-of-fact and serious. (Big props also for the Twins at the bike shop too! They were really good-and good sports!)

Again, you should have seen him 180 out of character each time he would crack up! When I first read through the lines he just lost it over and over, so it was like he had to laugh himself out in order to get through it with a straight face!:smiley: