Buying a trials uni

I was thinking of getting one of these:

In the description, it says its not suitable for serious jumping. What would be considered serious jumping?

Nothing over 1 meter. Less if you wieght more.

Yea. Over 1 meter drop to flat is enough to break something. You should consider for instance Qu-ax splined trials uni, if you do drops.

I would buy the Qu-ax with the yellow hub.
A littler more money but its word it.

This is a deliberately vague term as the amount of abuse you can put this unicycle through will depend on a number of key factors:
-your weight
-the size gaps and drops you want to do
-how often you plan to do them
-your landing style

As a general rule the heavier you are the more likely you are to break your unicycle when jumping. However this is not the full story as bad landings can put much more strain on your unicycle than a nice landing with a good roll out transition.

In my experience a non-splined axle and crank set will not handle anything over a 1m drop and may handle a LOT less. The cranks are the things which are likely to be the first to go. If you get a trials uni without splined cranks expect to replace the cranks at some point. Once you start breaking them this is going to get pricey.

I weigh 90kg and land fairly heavily. I have much lighter friends who have managed to pull off 1.5m drops with a non-splined axle without destroying it (although the cranks did bend a bit :slight_smile:

If you are planning on doing anything bigger than 1/2 a metre jums I suggest getting a splined axle. Note that gapping and horizontal jumping can also put huge forces on your axle. I have often bent cranks doing 1.5m + horizontal jumps.


I have the Qu-Ax with a yellow hub … (

It is a good unicycle, I use it for street riding and trials and it is excellent for this. I think, however, that I’d put that much money into my unicycle, so that I’d get something that’s good. A cheaper unicycle would probably break much more easily.

Dizard, you have a PM…


When i was first thinking of buying a trials uni i was gonna get the Qu-ax 20" Beginners Trials Unicycle but someone here said to go for the nimbus trials. Its not much more expensive and i use it all the time doing at highest 1/2 m drops and i weigh 55-60 kg.

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