Buying a new 36er

That’s great! I’m curious to know which hub is in that wheel. The hub is green.

Congrats on the new wheel!

Sometime when we head down south, I’ll let you know and we can zip out for a quick ride.

The thin tubings in the frame have some small holes underneath. Check for cracks around those holes. Mine has a crack. Maybe it won’t matter, but I don’t completely trust it, so I’ve replaced it with an Oracle frame. It’s a shame because the Nigthrider frame is way cooler.

Also, that hub is not the most solid one. I’ve replaced mine twice. I now have a steel hub.

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Have to say, I agree with @UniMyra about the hub, changing it for a steel one on mine is on my to do list.

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My first hub lasted 3 years and the second 4.5 years. I’ve had the steel hub since 2018. I probably ride the 36’er a couple of times a week from april-november.


Ted that would be awesome to someday get together for a ride. I hope I can get comfortable riding the 36 soon after I pick it up from the lower mainland.

UniMyra, thanks for the heads up on the possible frame cracks. I hope it’s the distant future that I have to replace that hub with a steel one. Is there a certain hub I should be seeking as a replacement?

This is the one I currently use. It’s been good so far