Buying a Muni

Hi folks,

thanks a lot to all of you with your advice. Thanks to the guy(s) who lead me to Darren Bedford. So I wrote to him and here is what he is offering to me:

Miyata seat and post
Flat crown frame
Heavy-duty quick release
Suzue hub
DT Champion spokes
Alex Downhill double wall rim
V-Racing Downhill tire
Wellgo alloy platform pedals
6" cotterless cranks

The price is 413.00 CDN.

Now I am still confused because I really know nothing about the quality of those equipments. Is that muni worth the money? What means cotterless cranks? Does somebody own such a setup? Someone has photos of that beast? Will the tire be OK? Wher can I find more information about those equipments?

Do you have some advice?

My weight is about 152 pounds and I am 5’6". I am 48.

By the way, my first muni was a Norco, not a KH. It appeared to be a Taiwanese lollypop. The fork just cracked near the bolts that hold the wheel to the fork, on both sides.


Do lots of searches on this forum is your best bet. Also check the manufacturer’s website for the tire.

Sounds like a decent starter off-road unicycle to me, and at a good price; though there isn’t enough detail to really know what is there.

You will want to do the Yoopers fix right away on the seat though. Do a search on Yoopers fix or Frankenyata or Bruce Edwards fix. I have an instructional FAQ 99% done but waiting for a response about webspace. If you don’t do that fix the handle won’t last 2 weeks; with the fix it’s good for a long long time.


That MUni will be an excellent unicycle for you, even when you become much better at MUni. The frame is very strong and has an excellent crown for one-footed tricks.

The Alex rim is virtually indestructable, in my opinion. Kris Holm uses it, so it has to be good :).

I’ve heard people say great things about the Suzue hub (Sofa uses it, perhaps he could comment).

Cotterless cranks are also very standard – many, many people use them. As long as you’re not doing really big drops on them, they should hold up for a long while. I would think they would be the first thing to bend, if anything is going to do so.

The Miyata seat is used by hundreds of unicyclists. The only weak point it has is the handle, which U-Turn mentioned. See his post for suggestions on fixing this (which I’ve still got to do)

To see what that tire looks like, see this picture in my gallery. I’ve really enjoyed the tire – it’s very grippy and only an 1/8" narrower than the Gazz. For $20, it’s an amazing deal.

Hope this helps.


here is a picture or my MUni which is almost exactly the same as what you are getting - except I had it powder coated - it’s the orange one. My friend has a Yuni, just in case you are wondering for comparison - his tire is the 3 inch Gazz, mine is the Stout downhill.
With the Alex rim and Suzue hub this MUni will take you a long long ways into MUniland.

muni close up half size.jpg

Oops, the other wheels in this pic are a bike! Don’t be confused. Here is the pic with the Yuni for comparison.

leif, sheila and erin.jpg


thanks a lot for the photos and your opinion on the Muni. I noticed you didn’t get the Miyata seat. Which one are you using? Was it to cut down the cost? Have you ever had to remove the tire? If so, how was it? By the way, what is the pressure of the tire?

Your muni looks really great in orange. I love it. Have you figured out how it would look with black rim and spokes… I’m dreaming of it…

Have a nice (muni) day !


Denis, the seat on the MUni in the pic is a Bedford seat. I have a
Miyata on my Bedford freestyle though. The Bedford seat is extremely comfortable, especially the airseat, and the Miyata is nice in that it offers the handle.

All in all, if I had to get only one seat though it would be a KH Velo, which I currently have on my commuter uni. Darren will have the KH’s in a few weeks so that might fit your time line. The KH had the comfort of a Bedford seat with the best handle out there, IMHO.

I haven’t had to take the Stout tire off yet for any reason.

Yeah, the orange frame is a beauty. A friend has already bought this MUni from me and I am currently awaiting my 3 inch frame, Gazz tire MUni from Darren. It is black with an orange rim, black spokes and orange hub. Eat your heart out!


bedford custom muni.jpg