Buying a long distance uni in London

Salut Fred,

>I ride my 24 uni for 8 months now. I find a 24 too slow for long distance
>riding. Unicycles are hard to get in France. I’m going to London next tuesday.
>(Yes, there’s a connection !)

>Questions :
>1/ What is the good size for a long distance uni ? Is 28 enough ?
[sdg] 28" is the biggest you can get, as standard unicycles go, with pneu matic
tyres anyway, I beleive there are larger wheeled unis knocking aroun with hard
rubber, but I don’t who makes them, and where you’d get one from…

  • although there is the 36" Coker Tyre unicycle
    ( [sdg] but I haven’t herd
    any report from any one who has bought or ridden one - ?? anybody like
    to comment ?

>2/ Wich brand should I buy ?
[sdg] In the UK, DM is good and strong.

>3/ Where in London should I buy it ?
[sdg] London ? I’m sorry I don’t know - besides when you find a juggling shop,
I’m not sure if they have off the shelf 28" unis.

You’re best bet would be to ring DM in th UK, and ask him who imports his
unicycles to france - I’m quite sure someone does, because I went to see
him (we is around 150Km from London, close to where I live) and he made me
a 26" Unicycle.

He said he had dealings with french and german companies (probably bicycle
shops) in the past. So give him a ring. You can find hime number on my web site,
along with details of the unicycle he made for me

[sdg] De rien.


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