Buying a helmet online

I’ve looked around online and cannot seem to find a site that sells quality helmets that can ship to APO. Anyone know of any sites?

Hi Kraze
Have you tried e-bay? What does APO mean?
I’m a new unicyclist (OK, I returned to the one wheel after 30 years) and I just went looking for helmets myself. On ebay I saw lots of cool skateboard helmets–but what really intrigued me were hockey helmets–especially with the visors, you know, to protect the eyes.

I eventually found a new skateboard helmet at a local thrift store (NYC) that was just 5 bucks.

I was also tempted to pick up an army helmet that was at a nearby army/navy store–exactly the kind you guys are wearing over in Iraq. I think it was a bit heavy for unicycling, but it would have looked sort of cool…

What kind of helmet are you looking for?



A bit heavy!? An APO is like a PO box that all overseas militay mail goes to. It is delivered by the Post Office to a second carrier(used to be the military) now it may be Haliburton. Any way many companies won’t ship to a APO because if/when the package doesn’t make it to the customer, they are out of luck. They won’t ever see that package, and the customer does a charge back on their credit card. Not a lot of motivation to APO’s for a merchant. When you try to get the Post Office to pay on the insurance they blame the second handler, the other company is never going to pay on the claim since they don’t have any agreement with the sender(who is not there customer),