Buying a giraffe

Well, I’ve been thinking about buying a giraffe unicycle for a while (I
started riding a uni about 2 months ago.) Well, last week I broke my
collarbone playing football (no pads…). The doc says I can’t ride again
for 6-8 weeks until the bone has healed, so now I finally have time to make
a decision on a giraffe. Here’s my questions:

  1. What brand should I get? - I’m looking to spend around $400, give or take.
  2. What size should I get? - I’ve heard the DM giraffe is adjustable from 5 to 8
    feet? (But 8 ft seems tather high!)
  3. Where can I buy one? The Unicycle Source only has 2 giraffes for sale…
  4. Is it hard to learn? - (I’m comfortable with my 24" right now)

Thanks for any help… I’m really looking forward to riding a giraffe… I’ve
never even seen one before (in person). Hopefully everything will heal well and
I’ll be back on my uni in no time…

Thanks a lot, Josh Lotz

“P.S. - Ever since I started riding my uni, I now know everyone in the
neighborhood… :-)”

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Re: Buying a giraffe

Or you can be a real oddball and ride an acrobatic bike / artistic bike. Sitting
on the handlebars with the front end up in the air is like riding a giraffe (so
I hear). here’s a site:

they sell the bikes along with giraffes, too.

Brian Berlin Austin, TX