Buying a first Unicycle, cutting seat post?

Hey everybody-

After a fair bit of research and a lot of very helpful advice from all you guys on here, I’m going to buy a 24" Torker LX to begin my unicycling career.

I was going to order it from, and I noticed that it said the seat post may need to be cut to fit the rider.

I’m actually going to buy one from a local bike store (one of like five…welcome to Davis, CA), because they have them as well and it ends up costing less with shipping and such.

Anywho…I went and talked to them and the guy said they cut the post to fit you when you buy it. This sounds like a better deal too, as opposed to cutting it myself (or ordering it online and having them do it for me).

So here’s my question…how do they measure it? I don’t want to go in there totally clueless, because I don’t know how much the people there actually know about unicycles. Is there a certain ‘formula’, like a certain position to measure it by?

I’m just hoping to know what to expect so I can prevent them from doing something lie cutting it to much…


Andrew, who will hopefully be a first time unicycle-owner in the next 24 hours :slight_smile:

You need the seat to be at about belly button height, so make sure you can put it AT LEAST this tall. Remember, you can always shorten a post but you can never make it longer once its cut. Thats about the bet advice I think I can give you, when your learning the best hight is about belly button height. This might vary, depending on whether you have an innie or and outie, J/K.

Yeah id cut it myself. Just cut it to a good height. When in doubt cut it a little long. You can always trim it it just takes a few more minutes.

So I should have them cut it about belly button height?

Is there like a certain position or angle my legs should be when I’m sitting on it?


Nice, I was just gonna ask this same question too. I got my unicycle today but the seat was way too tall so I’m gonna take it to the bike shop to cut. I think I heard that your leg should be only a little bit bent when you’re reaching the bottom peddle with your heel. And yeah I think it should be about your belly button height or a little below.

Yeah that’s pretty much it, you leg should stop just short of being fully extended when the pedal is at the bottom of the stroke.

Well, I am officially a unicycle owner! They cut about 2 inches off of it, and after taking it home and trying it I’m going to take it back and have them take off a little more.

My leg is all the way extended and I’m like on my toes when the pedal is at the bottom.

sounds good…but to save yourself a trip, keep in mind that if you have a hacksaw or pipe cutter, you can cut the post yourself in about 1 min.