Buying a 26" Unicycle

I’m considering buying this unicycle, but I just wanted some thoughts on its durability. I’m 6’ about 200lbs and I plan on taking it down stairs/off 3-4 foot jumps. Would this unicycle hold up under that stress?

That’s a very tough uni, but it sounds like you’re looking for a trials wheel. The tire will absorb a lot more impact. The smaller the wheel, the more durable it is. The nimbus II has a 48 spoke wheel, so it’s no slouch, and it’s advisable to cushion your drops, but a trials uni is purpose built for that type of riding. Any reason you’re looking at a 26" wheel for that? If you want something that can handle those tasks, and get you going fast, a Nimbus 26 Muni may be a better option just because of the extra tire cushion.

I’m honestly just looking for a commuter uni to ride to class everyday about a mile or two. I’ll probably want to take it down steps, if I took it down any drops it would only be once in a blue moon, and if I shouldn’t take this down any drops I could avoid that.

If you are looking for something to commute on, you might want to consider a larger wheel. Not that a 26 wouldn’t work, but you would be more comfortable at higher speed with a 29, 32, or 36 inch wheel.

The Nimbus II 26 sounds like a pretty good fit for what you have in mind assuming it’s your first “good” unicycle. It will handle quite a bit of abuse but landing will be considerably harsher than with a mountain unicycle (MUni) with a nice fat tire.

A bigger wheel will likely be in your future if you stick to commuting with the unicycle, but it’s pretty scary taking a 36er down stairs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: You could put a Maxxis Hookworm or CST Cyclops on the Nimbus II if you want a bit more tire volume without going to a knobby, though I would just ride it “as is” for a while before getting into the modification game. I used a Hookworm for exactly what you described (commuting and some fooling around on stairs etc) I felt it was a great fit for the use, the CST Cyclops is supposed to be just as good possibly have the same carcass, and cost less than half as much. (CST makes Maxxis tires)

My 26 came with a Maxxis Hookworm fitted. I only rode on it once and absolutely hated it.

It was extremely prone to running down the camber of the road making it a horrible tyre for the road. It is also very heavy and has miserable grip on smooth wet concrete.

Thanks guys, all of your feedback is extremely helpful. I think that I’m gonna pick it up and just generally avoid taking it off anything more than stairs. Thanks for all of the help.

It will be fine. I have one of those and use it as a muni. Strength-wise it’s on par with the Nimbus munis, but has a narrower rim and frame so you can’t get a really wide tyre on it.

I have this uni and have a Maxxis DHR 26x2.35" tire for super steep muni on it. It’s tight but if you don’t mind chucking a few rocks every now and then, it works.

I’m 6’3", 180lbs, and have used this muni for everything.