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I have rewritten the section from the FAQ on where to buy a unicycle. My main
goal was to organize it better. I include my first draft below. If anyone would
like to add something where I said nothing, please do so. In particular I would
like write-ups on Semcycle and Cyclepro. I will of course also accept
corrections and suggestions.


1. Where can I get a unicycle?


    Miyata This is a popular Japanese brand that recently quit selling in
    the US due to the cheap dollar. You may be able to find some leftover in
    the retail channels in the US. You may also be able to get them in
    Canada, and you can of course get them in Japan. There are rumors that
    they will be imported into the US from Canada. I don't know about
    availability in countries other than Japan.

            The standard Miyata has an extremely loyal following, and has
            been used by every world champion unicyclist thus far. The
            giraffe models don't have as good of a reputation as the
            standards do.

    Semcycle Run by Sem and Theresa Abrahams

    DM DMs are very sturdy and look good. The contour saddles are matched
    only by Semcycle for comfort, though DM straight saddles are an
    instrument of torture (some people apparently prefer them, it takes all
    sorts...). DM contour saddles also have front and back grab rails which
    do duty for holding on to, wheeling, catching while dismounting, but
    mostly taking all the knocks when dropped; my saddle is unscathed after
    a year's abuse, though there's no chrome left on the grab rails.

            DM's giraffes are works of art with twin chains for real
            durability and no twist. The only complaint is that they're a
            bit heavy, but they're built to last. DM's classic design is the
            5' to 8' convertible, where the frame has a 3' extension tube
            and a long set of chains.

            Peter Lister (

    Unicycle Factory Tom Miller runs this one-man outfit. His specializes in
    custom-built models but also sells other vendor's unicycles. He makes
    just about any kind of unicycle you want. He also has a huge inventory
    of parts if you are doing repairs.

    Pashley/Absolute Pashley is a bike company, which makes workbikes for
    (among others) the Post Office. The unicycles are cheaper than DM/Sem,
    but do not justify the saving. Pashley make a unicycle for Absolute
    Balls who have improved the design, especially of the saddle (Pashley
    saddles are contoured, yes, but contoured in the shape of a plastic
    slug), and got some brighter colours, but the frame and bearing design
    is frankly rubbish. Whereas DMs have a welded bracket round the bearing,
    which can be tightened or removed without causing problems, Pashleys
    have a circular casting around the bearing with a pin that is inserted
    up the tupes of the fork. Each pin is held in place with two bolts. I am
    not impressed; most Pashleys I see rattle a bit in this area. The work
    loose, and there's no way to tighten them.

            The moral of this story is - buy from a specialist unicycle
            maker. If no-one buys Pashley, they continue to make bikes. If
            no one buys DM, he goes bust.

            Peter Lister (

    Cyclepro I don't know anything about this brand.

    Bogglefingers Butterfingers and Boggle, juggling shops based in Bristol
    and Bath respectively import these. Can't really comment on the quality,
    but they look a better "budget" option than Pashley, for those people
    who can't afford DMs or Sems.

            Peter Lister (

    Oddcycle Oddball's own uni, built by Sem, looks much like a rebadged
    Sem trainer.

    Emory I don't know anything about this brand.

Discontinued Brands

    Schwinn Schwinn has been out of the unicycle business for several years
    now, due to problems like near-bankruptcy. If you call bike shops you
    may still find some around, though. Schwinn may reenter this market when
    they are in better shape with their new management.

    Matthews Matthews has recently withdrawn from the unicycle market.


      + Canada

          Semcycle Semcycle
                  c/o Darren Bedford 71 Jasper Ave. Toronto, Ontario M6N 2N2
                  (416) 767-6074

      + France

          Unicycle 3 Impass Jules Dalou 9100 Evry France Tel: 060 77 37 36

      + Holland

          Semcycle Box 1675 3600 Br Maarssen Holland Tel: 03465-7 05 63 Fax:
          03465-7 60 07

      + United Kingdom

          DM Unicycles DM Unicycles 59 Fairmile Rd, Christchurch, Dorset,
          BH23 2LA Tel: 0202 471943

          Zero G Juggling Co. Zero G Juggling Co. The Victoria Centre Mostyn
          Street Llandudno Gwnedd Tel: 0492-514039

          Freaks Unlimited Freaks Unlimited Park Street Bristol, UK

                  Retail and Mail Order equipment, supplies and Unicycles in
                  North Wales. Send SAE for price list.

      + United States

          Semcycle Semcycle
                  P.O. Box 40353 Redford, MI 48240
                  (313) 537-8175

          The Unicycle Factory The Unicycle Factory 2711 N. Apperson
          Kokomo, IN 46901
                  (314) 452-2692

                  Tom Miller sells custom built unicycles and resells some
                  other brands, such as Semcycles and Miyatas (He currently
                  may only have the 16" model in stock). You should call
                  with inquiries rather than writing. He does not have
                  business hours per-se, since he works out of his house.
                  His waking hours are between 9am and 1am Eastern time.

          Infinite Illusions E-mail: WWW:
          <a href=""></a> Phone: 1-800-54-TORCH

                  This juggling supply business has recently started selling
                  the Emory unicycle. Emory started making unicycles since
                  the early seventies, and stopped in the late eighties.
                  They are making them again for Infinite Illusions.

          Osell's Custom Frames

                  Osell's Custom Frames 2908 Pentagon Drive NE St.
                  Anthony, MN 55418
                  (315) 788-5200 (ask for Terry)

                  They sometimes get Miyatas from Canada. Call for

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