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woo! shirts!

I made a lot of sales at muni weekend but I still have some left for you!

the shirts will be $15, with FREE SHIPPING!!!
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I have limited numbers, so order fast!


Email me at
Tell me what size you want, and your adress!
and thats all! easy!

(I’ll email you back about payment)
get them while you can, Input from people about how great they are is welcome…

These shirts kick ewe! Buy one.

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It’s either your shirt or this one…

Try to hang onto one for me… i need time to think

My mom is in the hospital now and when I visited her yesterday she took a look at the shirt I was wearing and worked out what it said and she laughed out loud - she loved it. If this shirt can raise the spirits of a 67 year old woman recovering from heart surgery, it will probably work for you too. I recommend contacting
uni-man-dan and purchasing one right away.


PS Dan, send my commission any time.

…when approached by TheDan i was convinced,these are a must going to where one to the Blazers Vs.76ers on Nov.3rd