Buy a uni hologram for a good cause


Is anyone interested in buying a unicycle (or anything else you want on it) hologram? The money is going to a good cause (my current uni project, the Krio) and I will post about it when it’s finnished.

the images apear to float about 5 inches behind the plastic, and sort of move when you do.

The holograms are scratched into a piede of black acrylic plastic which is 6" by3".

you can buy one of my lamps if you want, but I need to get shipping details worked out with them, so it could take a while. The lamps are 24 inches tall, 6 inches wide, and 8" deep. you have different lamp shade choices too.

You can see pictures of some of the holograms at .

I currently have one hologram of a coker, and I can make many more of any design you want. just email me at uniphil (@t) gmail (d0t) com . that is also my msn thing, so if you want to see it I have a webcam, so I can show you. even if you dont want to see it, add me anyway.

If you live in ottawa we can meet at npj or arange to meet somewhere. if you live near ottawa I am going to oui ( ) this year, and you can get it there. If you dont live anywhere around here I can ship it to you.

remember, it’s for a good cause. I’ll let you ride the krio if you buy one… imagine the speed… of a 10" wheel… geared DOWN… and (not sarcastically) it will be fast, I promise.

Come on people!

I will sell these holograms for 7$ each canadian.

I really need to finish the Krio. It’s gonna be motorized, and I need parts.

You can have ANY design you want scratched into plastic, and it will apear to float about 5" behind the plastic.

The picture attached is a really bad picture taken with my webcam and cannot portray the true clarity and brightness of these holograms. There are some better pictures on my website, which are ok, but the only way to really apreciate these things is to get a good camera, or see them in real life.

This Coker took me about 40mins to make, and most holograms take between 25mins to 2.5 hours.

The wheel does look more proportional in real life, I had to hold the webcam in a wierd way to get it to work at all.

whoops forgot the picture


I’m interested, but is there someplace that we can see a picture that would be more representitive of what would be seeing if we had one in front of us?

Yes I think you will start picking up some sales if you can get some better pictures up there. Maybe you know someone who has a proper camera?

Then, if not better pictures of the lamp, more pictures would make it easier for people to see what they’re investing in.

Ok. I will try to do that.

Thanks guys I really appreciate the feedback.