Buy a LiveWire Unicycle - why take it with you

I got my custom 29er from Dave Stockton yesterday - the UPS guy showed up at 8:15 p.m. I decided to take today off of work to put it together, wonder at its beauty and try to ride it a little.

I can already see how great it’s going to be, even though I was too wobbly to even leave my driveway! I haven’t been riding my 20" uni at all recently, and this is quite a change from the small wheel. But from what I could tell, it is a light, fast, smooth and solid machine.

I know there’s a place in our community for lower-priced unicycles. In a recent thread, someone said something like “try to get the cheapest decent unicycle you can.” And I did that when I bought my Torker LX. But there is something to be said about patronizing a company like LiveWire. Custom made uncycles, made in America. Dave costs money but he is more than fair, and the end product is superb. So if you’re an old person like me with a decent job and without too many kids in college, splurge on yourself and order up a uni from Dave.

(This commercial brought to you by a satified customer who was not paid for her involvement.)

sentiment like that makes me really really wish GB$ was still making stuff. <3 his unis.

Digigal, you said a mouthful. I’ve got 1,700 miles on my GB4/Stockton custom 36, and the only thing I’ve had to do* is replace the Coker tire at 1,300 miles. It’s the Electra Glide of unicycles. Thanks again Dave!

*or bribe john_childs with ale to do for me