Butt Conditioning For Unicycling

I finally converted my KH Freeride saddle to a flatfish saddle. Now I sit on my butt more than my crotch. My butt gets sore. Do I need to just ride my uni to condition my butt? Or does anyone have an exercise that will improve butt conditioning for unicycling?

I don’t need any info on saddles, creams, or biking shorts. There are enough threads that discuss them.

Honestly just riding more is going to be the key to getting used to the saddle, if you do plan on riding higher mileage I would highly recommend cycling shorts of some kind. I’m a muni guy that doesn’t like the spandex look so I use MTB style shorts with a built in liner, the brand I use are made by Zoic and there the Ether model.

If you don’t have numbness, just ride more. You want to be primarily sitting on your two sit-bones. If you’re doing that and still getting pain, you haven’t toughened up the cartilage there enough yet. Riding is the only/fastest thing that can help. From a medical perspective, I’m not sure if it’s actually toughening, or you just get used to it. In truth, you shouldn’t be sitting on your butt. If you feel that you are, perhaps try a handlebar and lean forward into a sitting position. A nose-up saddle will help with this. There is no exercise or magic pill you can take besides ibuprofen, I’m sorry to say. . . but it sounds like you probably know that already.

If you’re having trouble with chaffing, short cranks help. It sounds like the issue is pressure though.

Thanks Juggleaddict, I was hoping for something more than just riding and toughening up. That’s okay, because now I know where I stand.

Try putting slightly more weight on your pedals (and less on your butt), at least for moments. You’ll be building thigh muscles, and that’s what you’re looking for.

I’ll try to ride off the saddle more and see what happens.

Or you could try this new seat :slight_smile: