But pics!

So I ride poorly, not with lack of skill just poor for shooting because I never face the camera and I always end up with great pics of my amazing behind. I’m also a bit vain at times…

So here are some cool pictures from a passerby’s point of view of myself while I was riding with Eric and a couple of the guys from Hull (if you guys are reading this then email me at ntappin at gmail dot com and I can email you the full set of pictures I got).

No high quality shots but I think they did a pretty good job at shooting em. I got a couple higher quality ones that I might post if people wanna see em, they are the same line though.

Should have a mini vid done by the end of the week.

You pedalgrab to the wrong side :roll_eyes:
No worries, I grind on the wrong side :wink:
Nice to see some pictures of the Triton in action (Ivan, stop making jokes and make some action pics)

Peter M

i use to pedal grab to the right, while using my right hand, i changed after awhile. Now i hope to the left, but i grind on the right, but because i hop and stall on the left mostly i learned switch grinding alot quicker.

so start off the hard way haha

nice pics
and i live in hull UK
im guesing your talking about hull in canada :slight_smile:

Really? I generally hope things go right lol:D
cool pics, The Triton looks awesome, I want one:D

I do everything to the wrong side, which is why you always get pictures of my but.

Well, the red telephone box in the background, it does look quite English.

However, with the Elephant and Castle there, then he’s clearly in London! (That’s London, UK, not London, OT :smiley: )


Are you trying to say butt? Is that the Canadian spelling? :slight_smile:

In any case, we keep seeing your butt because the photographer is on the wrong side. If he/she knows which way you’re going to be facing, the rest is up to them.

Having said that, there are tons of times when I didn’t ask, and got similar posterior photographs…

i thought the coolest part of the pictures was your sweet triton, but then i noticed you had a Lenin shirt on and the triton was blown away!

Aha! I know what you look like now. Next time I see you at Algonquin, congrats are on the way for becoming sponsored. I pass the Elephant and Castle everyday, how’d I miss this?

Awesome tricks too, well done :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool, I think there is an Elephant and Castle at Yonge and Gerrard here in Toronto. FAV PHOTO: totally the M/S with the other three trials riders behind you.

I walked past it today.

I looked but didn’t see you.

Weird, I was at school all day right at that intersection (Ryerson). Small world I guess… thanks to this newfandangled webnet.

Nathan, is that first picture on your way to rubber from a crank stall?

Nathan, that’s a tiny little unicycle. How do you cover any distance on that thing?

Hah its actualy uncle Ho and not Lenin.

Val88 you should send me an email and I can let you know the next time people are riding.

REALLY tiny cranks.


Will do.

whoa nice pics i want pics like that :slight_smile: