Bustelo-Martin&Josef Sjönneby



Wow, great video guys!
Love the lateflip over the chair. First I thought you would do a normal jump…:stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, the lateflip was really nice and also nice combo’s
I have seen a roll like 0:16, wath’s it called?

Really cool video! The late flip over the chair was incredibly late! Nice combos too!

I understood nothing you said, but i really enjoyed the filming, the perspectives and the light:) Riding was creative as always and the music fitted really good. I’ve already heard it before but i can’t remember :roll_eyes:


the light is perfect yes, from all the thing i had the chance to film for the dvd, it’s in sweden where the light was the most “magic” if i can say, probably different from al the other places where filmed because it’s closer to the north pole