BustedSpoke.com + thanx Gilby!

u may recall unicycling taking some flak from the guys on the bustedspoke.com forums during the whole Gravity Games episode

well, it seems the karmic wheel is indeed well greased

this strikes me as a good opportunity to thank gilby for keeping this forum up and running


(howls of protest from select ‘MOST REPLIES’ people notwithstanding…)

Yes, thanks a lot Gilby. :slight_smile:


yeah,i was one of the folks who registared to that site so i could talk about unicycling,anyway that left me on their email list.you sould have read some of the blubbering “help us please” style letters.

i got 8 separate emails begging for love gifts last week,it felt like it was pledge drive on PBS.

Yes, thanks Gilby. Keeping this site going is a great service to all of us and requires a lot of relatively thankless work from someone.

As a reminder, there is a “support this site” link in the upper left region of the main page and a few scattered throughout the site.

That would suck for them to go under. Maybe we can give them some of the space up here and bail them out.


You’re welcome! :slight_smile: