Busted Tailbone won't heal completely

OK its been a year since the 5 foot giraffe kicked me in the boohiney. It has healed to the point that I always am aware of it, but it only really “hurts” after a unicycle ride of more than an hour or two. Road rides and giraffe rides hurt more sooner because I sit heavy in the saddle in those cases. This is generally the only thing that keeps me from riding more than 13 or 15 miles on the 29er. I can MUni long enough to exhaust my energy because I stop often (giving coccyx a break) and stand on the pedals more.

A buddy said that with a strong enough hit, you can break that coccyx bone right off so it just floats around and therefore is easy to inflame.

No, I haven’t seen or talked to a doctor. I thought I’d check with my Uni-braintrust first.

Should I:
Consult a real doctor?
Stay off the uni for 6 months?
take plenty of Ibuprofen?
have the thing surgically removed?
Settle in, because I’ll have to deal with it forever?
Only ride MUni?

The obvious choice is double up on the off-road riding.

I think that you should wait a little longer. After all it’s only been 1 year.
Seriously, a doctor and an x-ray will probably let you know what is going on. Then you’ll know if there’s anything that can be done about it. There is the risk of the doctor wanting you to perform a unibuttdectomy. (unicycle removed from your butt for the rest of your life)
It’s really good that you allow fellow unicyclists to help make health decisions for you. Good luck.

Doctor my ass!

Let me rephrase that: “Doctor, my ass!”

In other words, listen to us all you want. If it were my tailbone, I think I’d consider it worth a doctor visit. A doctor, probably and an X-ray are the only ways to know for sure what’s going on. It might just be one of those things that takes a long time to heal completely, but what if it isn’t?

Meanwhile, for road riding, use a handle if you don’t already have one. I can’t imagine riding my Coker to work without the handle setup I have. Not just the built-in seat handle, but something additional. Mine is a Wyganowski handle, but any type will help, to give you an ergonomically decent place to lean part of your weight as you ride.

Then take breaks as necessary.

Naw, I wouldn’t bother seeing a doctor.

The tailbone is vestigal and only has a couple of functions. It protects the nerves that connect your bladder, rectum and sexual organs to your brain, and it holds a few minor supporting muscles in your hips. The worst that can happen is that there is a break that will eventually pinch that nerve and you’ll be incontinent, impotent and walk funny. On the bright side, you wouldn’t be able to feel the saddle chafing, and the adult diapers will be a little cushier than normal bike shorts.

Your choice.

My vote is that you should see a doctor & have it x-rayed. Get it taken care of before you end up doing more damage. Waiting a year after an injury seem like a long time, call your doctor.

I hope that you will be riding pain free soon.


A doctor will likely tell you that the tail bone cannot be “repaired”, since it is unlikely you will be standing for the remainder of your life. He, or she, will also let you know that the best way to minimize the damage is to stay off it until it heals.

My mother broke her tail bone jumping off the back of a set of bleachers when I was still in high school. It’s been twenty years, and it still gives her a little trouble. She doesn’t seem to compain about it much, but that could be due to the fact that she’s over 2,000 miles away, and we don’t talk every day.

Good luck.

Good one! :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about this injury. My lurking (and riding) has been spotty at best, since the back trouble (which also occurred just about a year ago).
GET THE X-RAY ALREADY!!! A year is too long. I waited also, and regret it. I’m now undergoing spinal injections, which by the way may be of some help in your case.

Say hello to the MUC gang.

Good God! See a doctor immediately. But then, that’s my solution to any discomfort. I’m kind of a Hypochondriac (and I once played one, but that’s another story). I should have to live in any discomfort and neither should you! That’s why we have technology!