Busted Spoke

Well I’ve experienced my first ever spoke breakage. Broke off at the point where it turns and enters the hub hole. This is on my 24" Yuni MUni. I’d been riding for 1/2 hour and my biggest drops are maybe 12 inches. I weigh 185 dressed out. It broke over a little 2" bump. I guess when its time to go, it goes. With only the one spoke missing, it still rode ok, tho I took it easy on the drops.

I’m handy enough to fix it. If no special tools required. Since I haven’t searched yet, question is: Do I have to get a Yuni MUni spoke, or does one simply find the same length and thickness at one’s LBS? I assume LBS will have black spokes?.. Or do I need to contact Unicycle.com?

You can get the spokes at your LBS. However, black may be a special order. In this case, they may or may not want a nearly-full box of spokes around that may never sell. uni.com may or may not be in the same boat; but it’s more likely they have one lying around. Ask for three just in case more go. :wink: