Busted pedal on new Onza

So my Onza trials is only like 3 weeks old, and today I finally got a few friends to go on a urban muni ride which ended with some trials fun at the library. I was trying a pedal grab to a granite ledge that was maybe 30" high. I had a few successfull jumps, but on the last one, my pedal lands and it sounds like glass hitting the ground. I was worried I had broken a piece of the ledge, but no, a whole section of my pedal was missing!

busted pedal 1.jpg

another view

busted pedal 2.jpg

and the recovered bits

busted bits.jpg

Yea, the pedals that the onza comes with are garbage.

My brother has an onza and broke the pedals on a 3 inch parking block.

So any thoughts? 3 weeks isn’t a very long life for a pedal. Maybe I should have taken out the big pins for grabs? I know unicycle.com is pretty good about taking care of things like that. I just wanted to see what any of you thought, similar experiences?

Other than that it was a real fun ride.

man, that’s too bad. They look like the same pedals on the Nimbus II’s, just with bigger spikes. Are those just Unicycle.com stock pedals? What pedals would you recommend?

I think they are onza brand pedals, and if not, they are wellgos, which are equally as bad.

I’d recommend either snafus, primo tenderizers, or OJCs.

I’ve done that to 3 sets of pedals in a year. I recommend OJCs … as far as I can tell they’ll never break. Just be sure to sub in the longer pins that come with them if you’re going to ride trials on them.

Don’t get new style snafus. The pins come out too fast. Old style snafus or OJCs are your best bet.

Speaking of which, rather than start a new thread, I thought I’d mention that I broke my wellgo b-37 about a week ago. I was waiting until I loaded pic onto my computer, but I give up. The bearings on the right side b-37 dissolved about 4 months ago. I had to walk teh uni everywhere, adn didn’t have a right pedal for my muni for about a month. Then, last friday, I was doing an exploratory ride where I chose my muni so I could do trials while still covering a large distance in a decent time. I did a gap from a log to the edge of a fire pit, and as I rode the edge of the pit, my left pedal slipped off of the spindle. I knew the second one had gone. Luckily I had an extra left snafu pedal in my bag just for this occasion. As I removed the old spindle, I noticed that it was bent. And this wasn’t even my back hopping foot. I really trashed that pedal.

I have broken like 4 or 5 pedals in the last year. One was a cheap $5 used pedal that lasted like a year before the bearing case on the pedal shattered on a failed 24" jump onto a concrete ledge. I got about 1000 yds and some trials in before I got home, opened up the pedal, and noticed there were onlt 2 balls left in the bearings and it was cracked. Another was a Sun Zuzu, which is made by wellgo. It is the same pedal as what you just broke. I broke it the same way. I did a pedalgrab on my commuter uni while waitiing for the bus, and the cage just snapped off. Two more were the wellgo’s, and one side of my left snafu is trashed from pedalgrabs, if you want to count that.

From the pic of that pedal it’s good that it broke. Those pins aren’t safe. Pins give extra grip to a certain length, and then past that it’s just dead weight. Those pins were long enough not only to gash you leg, but to actually hit bone on your shin. That isn’t safe to ride, and it doesn’t add any extra grip.