busted camera

i wa sriding along a 6" wide curb today with my buddya nd i lost my ballance and fell…smashed my knee and hands and lo and behold my beloved camera was in my pocket…i brokee the lcd display on my cam…so i am left camera less…anybody have any similar scenarios so i dont feel so stupid:o


The whole thing doesn’t work? or just the LCD. Because most cameras have a view finder also.

Yeah, if the LCD is broke, you migh be able to replace it for cheap, or just use the camera’s viewfinder…

Up top of a rather high cliff, my friend tossed me my camera, and it bounced on a few rocks before coming to rest right on the edge of the cliff…a few dents, but my camera is one tough cookie :wink:

in defect at the end u see uni’s/ppl hiting th cams

yeah this cam has no view finder…heres a pic

this is a pic of a new one …not mine
its taken alot of abuse too…but this time it just would go no further…but maybe i can get it fixed

You should really invest in a protective case…cheap insurance



I got my self a quantaray hardcase for my camera I hold all my cables, tapres, remote, fisheye, and of caourse my camera. And the thing is virtualy bomb proof I drop it all the time:D

True. But so much for that pocket-sized camera… :stuck_out_tongue:

For years I have carried small cameras in my butt bag (waist pack, fanny pack, whatever). So far (knock wood) I have only killed one by falling on it. I usually don’t land on the butt bag in a crash, but it has happened. Reference this semi-famous example. The moral of the story is don’t glide on unusual surfaces with a camera on your butt:

Follow the link there to see Roger Davie’s picture of me sitting on my butt bag. You have to scroll to almost the bottom of his page (I’m amazed it’s still online!). I know it’s hard to believe, but at that time, nobody was gliding on dirt…yet. Times have changed!

Note: I also had my SLR camera around my neck at the time; that’s not the one that got landed on.

Other interesting things to note:

  • I was still riding my 24" Miyata at the second MUni Weekend
  • The group shot at the bottom of Roger’s page. Can anyone name all those people?

Anyway, my old Olympus XA camera (from the late 70’s) was permanently damaged in that crash. Luckily I was able to find a replacement just like it at a camera flea market a few weeks later! That one was replaced in 1999 with my first digital.

Now I remember an earlier incident. In 1983 I was visitng Holland and staying with the Abrahams family. One day I was out riding in the city of Utrecht, and just when all these passers-by were paying a lot of attention to me, I fell spectacularly on some nasty cobblestones. Ouch. My SLR camera was in a backpack, and got whacked pretty good. It took me a whole year to nail down the out-of-alignment prism, and months after that to convince Olympus USA that the camera had a problem. They finally fixed it…