Busted another spoke, is it normal?

That makes two in 2 months. Same Uni, different spoke. No spoke breaking ever in my life, then 2 in 60 days.

Is my MUni showing its use? (Believe me, I don’t ride as hard as some of you maniacs!) Do I have regular spoke breaking in my future? Is this normal? Or just a coincidence. Thank goodness they’re cheap and I ordered 1/2 dozen last time.

Re: Busted another spoke, is it normal?

Typically spokes break because the wheel has been undertensioned and the spokes fret, wearing a notch in the side of the spoke near the head. Finally a stress on the wheel (such as a side hop) pulls the spoke apart at that place. If the wheel is not tensioned evenly, then more of the stress will go to that spoke as well. Other reasons might be that a spoke was damaged by a rock strike, or even that you pressed a spoke against a rock during a side hop.

If the fretting-thing is the reason, then chances are that many of your spokes are in roughly the same condition. Where did your spokes break? If by the head, then you probably will be replacing spokes periodically until you get fed up and have the spokes replaced.

If this were one of the wheels I had built, and fretting was the problem, then I would rebuild it at no charge, because it wouldn’t be doing that.

I had this same problem a while back, a spoke would break every few weeks (replaced each time by non-qualified individual (me)).
When I asked for help the consensus was that I should get the entire wheel rebuilt by someone who knows what they’re doing (i.e. not me).

I got it rebuilt by a professional and since then - no breakages.