busking the buskers busk-busk

Im might go busk downtown later today and i was wondering what the best kinda things to do to actuelly draw a croud would be. I know that ill probably be doing alot of backwards riding and one-foot, but are things like unispins and such very enternaining to poeple that have never seen a unicyclist???

yes i did use the search engine and yes all the results were trash.
(just to get that out of the way)

I’ve found that with crowds of non-riders, things like subtle flair and flowy, techy tricks are usually lost on them. Go as big as you can with the unispins and no-footers, do hop-on-wheel, grinds and stairsets if they’re available, multi-leg-wraps, seat drags/pushes, stuff like that. Crankflips or any of the million variations usually will just garner a ‘huh?’ look.

To make money, keeping the crowd til the end is more important than drawing a crowd.

To do this, its always good to try to get people who are with large groups to volunteer to stand in the middle of the ring, to hold up juggling clubs for you, assist you in mounting the giraffe, or find ANY excuse to get them into the ring and stay there, so their group cannot leave.

They may act a pylons that you weave in and out of, that way you get several people in the act.

If it’s a child, as your act is ending, you can make them a balloon animal while you make your pitch for money.

Magical Mystical Michael was a New Orleans street performer who traveled in a bus. He always began his routine with a magic trick wherein he’d get a volunteer to hold an apple up in the air. He’d do 10 more tricks while we waited for the apple, and the guy would tire so Michael had to keep saying: Hey Jonny, get it UP! and the audience always laughed.

The final card trick had to do with a card being torn to pieces, and the missing piece was --lo and behold – found INSIDE the apple Jonny had been holding up the entire act.

Good luck!