Busking on 3-wheeler, first time $$$

Today I busked on my 3-wheeler for the first time and it sure did attract more attention then my 5FT. I still got one more day to busk tomorrow so lets hope I make alot again. =]

Money Made: $166.00!!!
Time Worked: 5 sets of 30 mins (2.5 hours)
Crowd: Great
Other Buskers: Lots in the morning but died down through the day
Weather: Great

To get some more information on my busking go to-

Also today, a guy called jumbo the clown who does balloon modeling was giving me advice on “jazzing” up my busking but actually forming crowds and communicating, I’ve read about it all before but I guess i just don’t have the guts too do it yet lol, I will get round there, just need to buy some juggling knives and learn more juggling tricks.

Then he asked if he could borrow my 3-wheeler and im like yea, then he said he’s not gonna ride it so im like WTF, so then he starts balancing it on his chin (25KG) and I got some footage of it which I will upload sometime soon when I get time =]

That sounds cool (y)
Nice work.
Can you unispin your 3 wheeler?
If i ever get a giraffe i’d aim to learn unispins on it :roll_eyes:
But thats a nice amount of money; keep it up.

I was planning to learn to unispin on my 5FT. But haven’t thought bout 3-wheeler, its very heavy!

you said that you havent really put together a routine where you talk and interact with the people.
what is it that you do exactly during your current busking sessions? just kind of keep a constant pace of juggling and unicycling?

On the 3-wheeler a body varial would be easier than a unispin.

Yes, I just unicycle and juggle and don’t interact with crowd unless they ask me a question like one kid asking “Can you ride that?” and Im just riding it…?

I don’t even know what a body varial is except that maybe it is a 180 hoptwist?

ok that’s cool. where do you set up and start busking? like what kind of area? and what kind of people are around? (if i’m asking questions that are answered somewhere else feel free to direct me.)

It’s like a unispin except that the uni stays still while you spin around the uni instead of you staying still while the uni spins. They are easiest to learn if you hoptwist the opposite direction you spin the uni, like I do