Busking again! To buy a 2 doublewheel extension kits

Im leaving in some hours for a trip, we’re gonna stay in a nice luxury shak near the beach for about 4 days :smiley: While We’re up there, I’m gonna busk 2 days and hopefully make no less than $160. With that I will buy 2 double wheel ext kits (including the $225 that I already have). Mum is getting an axis 20" for me but I’m not sure when. I will be able to have a 2-wheeler and a 3-wheeler so that’s gonna be great! 2 in one unicycle! (or 3 in one including the axis unicycle alone). I’ll see how I go.

Also, I will have money left over. As most of you may know I’m just a beginning street and can’t do a lot. (I can’t even do Unispins, Crankflips or Grind which are probably the main skills to street). I just think 180 unispins are IMPOSSIBLE, but I shouldn’t. It’s just that when I am SIF hopping with my hands in position, I feel that I can’t do it. When I try I get absolutely no where and I cant even spin it 180 deg.
What I am thinking is to get KH leg armour with the extra money to increase my confidence. I will also Have a bit lower tyre pressure so its bouncier (I’ve had a high pressure for a while cos Ive been practicing wheel walk and gliding).
Other wise I was thinking of buying some decent clubs from my circus school to practice juggling on my 3-wheeler then go busking and hopefully rake lots more money in.

Flips, spins, and grinds are a part of street. Just hopping stairs and rolling hops, etc is called street as well.

If getting leg armor is what’s gonna be needed for you to learn spins and you have the money, go for it, you’ll probably need them later on anyways.

Changing the pic into a negative silhouette doesn’t really count.

Day 1 and Day 2

Day 1
Money Made- $135
Time worked- Purely 2.5 hours
Crowd- Great
Weather- Rained a bit at the end

YAY, $135 is the 2nd most I’ve made in a day.

Day 2
Money Made- $152
Time worked- Purely 2.5 hours
Crowd- Awesome
Weather- Great

$152 is amazing, the most I’ve ever made in a day

TOTAL- $287

287 + 207 (I already have)


So now to spend it…

2 double wheel ext kits- $300
KH leg armour- $110
KH pulse gloves- $40 on sale ($60 normal)
Postage- Aprox $34-$40
= About $500 so that would be my money spent.

what does your routine consist of?

Well I guess I actually don’t even have a routine.

I get up onto my 5 foot giraffe. Someone hands the juggling balls to me.
I ride around for about 10 seconds then I start juggling. I usually ride straight for a few meters and juggle 3 balls. Next I idle and juggle. Then I go back to riding normally and juggling, then idiling. So like a repetive pattern. I’m amazed how much money I get. I don’t even talk to the crowd like you see other very good buskers do but I will get to the stage sometime. I think I make most of my money for this because I think I am very young, and seeing a kid riding a giraffe and juggling isn’t something you see everyday. I mainly get my money from parents with kids. The kids are amazed and watch for a while then run to their mum and beg to put some money in my hat.

Anyway for some tips if you want to try it… Well…

  • Know what you’re going to do so you dont ride around and do random things and don’t know what your doing

  • Make sure you have all your stuff with you that you need and purchase a PERMIT from your local council or the council at the place where you are gonna busk.

  • Try not too stuff up too often. ( If you were juggling 5 balls and dropping often, you would make less money than if you were juggling 3 balls perfectly) It doesn’t really look good if you stuff up too often but you will. I occasionally drop a juggling ball but just shake if off and keep going.

  • Go out and try it, try and take note what your doing wrong

I could give out more tips if you tell me what you would do, how long you would work for etc…

Here’s a way to incorporate a drop into your routine.
Once again, I can’t remember where I first saw it, I suspect it’s in the public domain by now.
If anyone knows different, please shout.

When you drop a ball while on the raffie, ask a kid to pass it up to you.
You won’t really have a problem getting a kid to do that.
As he passes it up to you, drop another ball from your other hand.
He’ll turn around and walk back to his parents and someone will point out to him that there’s still a ball to be picked up.
You can run this gag for ages.
(Just be sure that you remain the butt of the joke, YOU’RE the clumsy one, not the kid.)

Another thought is to hand the three balls to three kids. Ask them to throw the balls to you, one at a time. Catch the first two in either hand and as the third one comes in, start juggling.
This is a nice little skit to start interacting with your crowd.
It’s also a nice one to practise the principle of ‘getting it on the third try’.

As a variation, have three kids stand in line, each with a ball on their heads.
Ride past them (you can even slalom thru them) picking up a ball as you go and going into a juggling pattern
Classic lines like “There are three of you, so I only get three chances to get this right!” will fit into this.

Substitute one ball with an apple. Everytime you catch it in your dominant hand, bring it to your mouth REAL quick and take a quick bite.
(Use a smallish apple.)
Speed this up untill you’re eventually taking a bit every catch.
You look rather silly with a mouth full of apple but this is another of those classic crowd-pleasers.
It is rumoured to be the way Eve was convinced to eat the apple…