Busking advice

I’m by no means the greatest unicyclist in the world. I can ride forward no problem, can kind of idle, can hop and I’m just learning SIF.

However, since I get quite a few comments (at least some positive!) I was thinking of just doing a little unicycling with a hat in front of me and see if anyone decides to give me money!

I was also thinking of offering to give people a go for £3 or something.

Does anyone have any opinions on this? Got any ideas for how I could look a little better than I actually am on my unicycle?

Successful buskers are not the ones with the best tricks–they’re the ones with the best personas. You could go out there and do a 360 varial crankflip no-footer tire grab, and you won’t get anything for it if people haven’t connected with you.

There are other threads on some easy crowd-pleasing tricks (jumping rope being #1), but what you should mostly develop is stage presence and working the crowd.

Keep it simple, do it well.

No one is impressed by clever tricks unless they truly understand how difficult they are.

A busker’s job is to entertain, not to impress or educate.

You also need some patter. The whole thing needs to run smoothly whlst appearing spontaneous.

Yeah, I suppose that makes sense. Non-riders probably don’t realise (or perhaps wouldn’t even spot) the difficulty of a crank flip or something like that.

One word: giraffe.

http://www.performers.net/ Is a wonderful resource for any aspiring street performer.

Decide what kind of show you want to do: is it a walk-by show or a circle show? If it’s a circle show, have a definite beginning and end, and a good hat line (and a hat).

I wrote a new hat-line limerick last week:

As the stocks in my 401(k)
Grow smaller and smaller each day
I’m here as a clown
Until the market rebounds
So put some cash in my hat straight-away.

I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but you’re welcome to use it, since you’re all the way across an ocean and stuff.