Bush's Segway UPD

He should get a unicycle. :wink:

Triples: 8 (6-10) 55%-65% or 7 (5-9) 65%-70% or 6 (4-8) 70%-75% or 5 (3-7)
90%+: 3 (2-5) doubles or 7 (4-10) singles


One more reason to register (for the webforum). :roll_eyes:

Re: Bush’s Segway UPD

I saw that in the newspaper… haha, how do you fall off a segway?


Leave it to Bush to make an impossible mistake… Segways are supposed to be all super and futuristic and they can’t fall no matter what. Like those punch clown toys that kids have. I bet those work in the same way. :stuck_out_tongue:

Re: Re: Bush’s Segway UPD

Here is a demonstrative illustration from the executive manual.

Maybe Ralph Nader can write another book… Unsafe at Walking-Speed.

In this shot, he’s driving right through Mom’s flower bed!

If I’ve understood correctly, the Segway is a device with two wheels, it is powered, and is to some extent controlled by a twist grip on a pair of handlebars. Huge amounts of research went into finding a way of keeping it the right way up when being ridden.

I just wondered… if they put the wheels in line, rather than on a common axis, then perhaps the front wheel could be allowed to pivot from side to side - perhaps linked in some way to the handlebars… then if the axis of that pivot were to be slightly raked… I can’t help thinking that there would be a way of making it go rather faster than 15mph… and yet it would be stable in normal use, manoeuvreable, and quite fun to ride. Using my revolutionary idea of putting the wheels in line, with the front one dirigible, I think space could be made for a petrol engine of up to about 1600 cc, although 600cc-1200cc might be more popular. In this form, the Segway could become a viable option for long distance touring, as well as racing at speeds of 150mph or more…

It might even be possible to make one with no power, but somehow link the rider’s feet to pedals or treadles, perhaps with a chain driven transmission.

With determination and application, it might even become possible to do away with the dirigible front wheel, relying on the rider’s skill and balance to keep the machine upright. In this simplified form, the Segway would consist of a seat mounted directly above a pair of forks. There would be one wheel in the forks, directly driven by a pair of pedals and cranks attached to the axle.

This arrangement might initially find favour in the circus community, but eventually I could foresee versions being made with very large wheels or fat tyres, or both. In my dreams, such a machine would be capable of 15mph or more on the flat, and do 10 - 13 mph on mixed terrain.

Bush’s Segway UPD

Leave it to Mike to reverse-engineer the “motorcycle” and “bicycle” from a Segway! :smiley:
(I only know the names for these improbable machines from watching a documentary about Leonardo da Vinci.)

Next thing you know, he’ll be fantasizing about a one-wheeled vehicle that depends solely on the rider’s own finely-tuned inner ears to keep it upright!
(Of course, it will be impossible to ride, but that will be the whole point.)

Somebody else will probably “invent” a world-wide inter-linked system of instantaneous communication using keyboards and TV screens and telephone lines.

But we’re talking about the distant future here…

Right. But according to the article, the Segway fell over but Bush didn’t. So what makes a Segway fall over? It could be a control mistake (accidentally switching it off), loss of power, or a defect of some sort?

Still waiting for my chance to try one of those…