Burnt out

Well after a summer of pure unicyclin’ I think i’m burnt out… I don’t find any fun in uni-ing anymore… i think its time for a break

Re: Burnt out

I couldn’t agree more. But it’d be a shame to let all your unis collect dust and rust… I got it! I’ll take care of them until the flame gets relit. I won’t even charge you for the service. I’m such a nice person.


hope I don’t ever get that feeling

You’re obviously not busy enough. When you’re so busy you have to make time to ride, you’ll appreciate it more. If you’re feeling jaded, you could try a different discipline, or set a new goal. As the controversial 1970s advert for the best known product of the London Rubber Company said: “A change is as good as a rest.”

Weird… Thats true… summer break and all…

Since coming home for summer at the end of June I’ve hardly ridden at all, due to being busy and there being buggerall places to muni around here. I think I’m going to explode…

Next week… next week, I can ride again…


another good thing about a uni. a ‘discarded’, un-ridden uni would talk up very little space, there would be no need to get rid of it, because you that unicycling feeling is gonna be coming back very shortly anyways.