Burningman Unicyclists

I just got back from burningman, and I can’t believe how many unicyclists i met there.

We had 4 unicyclists in our camp of 40 (Pancake Playhouse), and at least two other unicyclists on our block (one of which came running out of his camp balancing a giraffe on his chin while Corbin and I were riding our giraffes down the street.)

We also go to meet Trevor, the famous (in our circles) inventor of the electric, gyroscopically auto-balancing unicycle. http://tlb.org/eunicycle.html

We had an impromptu uni ride, and we had 13 riders just from word of mouth. I want to organize some unicycle events for next years burningman, so I greated a yahoo group/mailinglist as a way of getting everyone connected.

The homepage is:

and if you want to join, you can send an email to burningmanunicyclists-subscribe (AT) yahoogroups (DOT) com

I hope to get connected with as many unicyclists as possible. Maybe next year, we can decorate our unicycles, get in the calendar and get 50+ unicyclists to join our parade.


it was really cool. if anyone has yet to go to burning man, i highly reccomend it. get a ticket early!



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Hey. I was there. I did see some unicyclers but never caught up to any of you. I ran after one guy on a 29r because I really wanted to try it. Well, I was a loser and didn’t bring mine. I really meant to but I flew there from the east coast and after packing all the rest of my crap I just gave up on the uni. Lame. I posted a thread here before I went and not too many folks replied. I’m glad to hear so many unicylers were there. It really was an amazing event (even without my uni). Hopefully I’ll see you there next year.

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In response to this post, which claims that only unicyclists and underwear-clad women operated The Machine, I just had to post supporting evidence. So I’ve got three pictures up now. You can see them all here: http://flickr.com/photos/sethoscope/tags/unicycle/, though eventually that URL will probably include non-burningman stuff too.

There were a lot of us there. Join the mailing list, so we can have something organized for next year. Most of us brought more than one unicycle.

Choice! I’ve wanted to go to the Burning Man festival ever since I heard about it several years ago. Hopefully one year I’ll make it.

Was the guy on the Riot Wheel there? That one-wheeled vehicle is so cool!

wholy crap that thing is cool. I didn’t see it there…



whats burning man?

(not kidding)