Burning Man unicycle pictures (me on the machine)

Seth took some great pics of me on the machine. I downsized the ones he sent me and quickly tossed them in my blog:


The pictures turned out really well! The machine was really cool. I highly reccomend people to go to burning man.


why do u wear purple underwear on the outside of your ridin’ shorts

Hmm; I take it you don’t know much about burning man. Mike Scalisi and camped with the “Pancake Playhouse”. The group had 650 lbs of pancake mix that was brought up. The first few days I was wearing my apron and the purple panties (not just undewear, but panties!). However, riding around on a unit in just panties sort of chafes your legs, so I started wearing my riding shorts with the panties on the outside. During that week, I gave many many many people unicycle lessons. Hopefulyl some went home with a taste for uni and will buy their own.


I would worry on that. But rather stick your shoe-laces inside your shoe. You will regret it the day they get twirled between the frame and cranck.

I wrote on Burningman and the machine here

Nice pictures. That’s all plywood for most of the machine’s structure, right?


seth owes the credit for the great pics; yes – the structure was all plywood. one could hop around on it a little bit. it was very cool. one of my favorite art installments there. while sitting on top of it one night, i met a totally cool girl who happened to be interested in treehouses and eco-living. we later went disco skating (burning man has everything.)


Burning man is an expensive ticket …

… someday … aand I will bring my uni too …
(among other toys)

Some of this is hard to explain to people who have never been.

For those of you who have never been, after a few days at BM, a person wearing purple panties while riding a unicycle really doesn’t stand out as odd. If fact, you’d feel more out of place wearing a t-shirt and jeans.


If you ever think I’m gonna let you live down peddaling in them pink panties, you’re very much mistaken.


Well, I did take them off a girl :slight_smile: