I’ve started doing/getting bunnyhops lately and I’m just wondering am I better off jumping standing,seated or crouched? any tips or advice will be greatly appreciated

You should hop standing up I guess. You have to extend your legs to hop higher. Seating down would just hurt

I have only just started to try hopping…
Stand up and hold your seat or you will end up in pain my friend!

Put the cranks in horizontal possition, and then crouch down as low as you can. Then thrust yourself into standing possition as hard as you can while holding on to the seat to give you maximum air.

I find it most easy to jump standing, in that way you’ll get total controll over your uni.
Good luck!

don’t sit!

It’s long but does help if you read it carefully. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’ve just about had it with you! You posted a link to advice for freaking bunny hopping on a bike! This is a UNICYCLIST forum. People come on here for help UNICYCLING.

Don’t give me some crap about how you read bunny hop and think bike, or see unicycle and read bicycle like you did in that other thread either!

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B by Supocab (7.5 mon) (print) ? 1 C! Sat May 12 2001 at 8:00:28
You can also do a bunny hop on a unicycle. In fact, it is probably easier to do on a unicycle then on a bicycle.

To do a bunny hop on a unicycle, simply grab hold of the seat with one hand, time things so that the pedals are in a horizontal position when you jump, then leap upwards while pressing down on the pedals with your feet

Bunny hopping can be a very useful (and fun) thing to do, whether you are doing some mountain unicycling or just riding around town.[/B]

It’s not much but it does include the word UNICYCLE

So i’m not much help, big deal. If you don’t like me maximus unius, say it.

A “Bunny hop” its a bike move.

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Like evan said, Bunny Hop is a bike term. We just calling it hopping, sidehopping for side hopping (OMG), rolling side hop, and roll hops (hopping straight up the obstacle, with momentum.)

Keep cranks parallel to the ground and stand up. Use Seat In Front (SIF) to tuck in more, allowing more hight to be attained.

Once you have mastered one step, go to two, then three etc.
Once you mastered one pallet, go to two, then three etc.
Practice both SIF and Seat In as both have their uses.

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