I’m beginning to try some silly stuff on my uike now that this whole riding around the place stuff seems to be sussed. I’ve been trying to learn to bunnyhop, but with only limited success - I can go from idle to bunnyhopping, but can only get about 2 or 3 inches off the ground - am I missing something, or is this a case of keep trying and it’ll work?



Low tire pressure, jump with your ankles, fat tire if you don’t already have one, and grab the seat. Other than that just practice. I still remember a year ago when I was psyched over a 10" hop. Eventually you should be able to get at least about 18". Probably more like 24" with seat out. http://www.muniac.com has a good hopping advice section.

My hop improved from about 4" to 12" in a month of practice. So just practice. And lower your seat a little so you can pull the uni higher up with your hand. The height improves while practicing, because you’ll get more control over the jump. A good stillstand helps a lot. I really can’t still stand too well but it’ll improve with practice too.

edit. Muniac has really good tips but I’d say that you should push yourself to your limits a bit more to improve faster. Just go and try what you can do and what you can’t. Works well for me.

Thanks for the replies, I’ve lowered my tyre pressure a bit and lowered my seat - things are feeling a little more friendly… I made my first 360° turn today in 6 hops, still needs a good bit of work, but it’s coming along… need to find myself some nice soft stairs that aren’t going to horribly injure me - hmmm… Kinda unlikely :wink:


You’ll probably do just fine on the stairs. At least I’ve never hurt my self while hopping or riding stairs up or down. Riding down is the easier part if you lean forward enough. Hopping up is really easy if the stairs are wide. A bit harder if they aren’t. Remember to wear at least wrist pads if riding stairs. I’d say your most likely to hurt your wrists if you fall.

Wrist pads sound like a good tip - Down stairs I’ve already had one bruise making fall, but that was my first ever try and I had it seriously wrong. I can now get down them confidently - the problem is once I’m there I kinda go “hmm… now I need to do something, and the only option seems to be get off and climb the stairs again”.


advice needed


I am having problems with bunnyhopping as well, and I can't seem to find the right tire pressure. It is currently at 50psi. I weigh 150, and ride a 24" sun Extreme DX. Does anyone know what a good pressure would be?

(I know this will not improve my bouncing drasticly, but I would like to make it as easy as I can to learn how.):slight_smile:

I keep mine at about 20 psi for hopping. 50 is way too hard for me. You should feel a nice squish in the tire when you hop, but not enough to hit the rim on the ground.

What aarons said, but even 20 psi is too high for my liking. It depends a lot on the tire you’re using, and how stiff or flexible the sidewalls are. I typically run about 15 or 16 psi in my 24" Duro, and that feels pretty good for me when hopping.
Don’t be afraid to experiment. Cheers!

Is one of your hands on the seat? If you’re a beginner, if you’re riding SI (seat-in), and if you have a 24" unicycle with a low-volume/high-pessure tire, I wouldn’t worry so much about jumping high, right now. See if you can perform a large number of consecutive small hops. Once the timing of hopping becomes more ingrained, you’ll be able to increase the vertical distance.

When it comes to tire pressure, the numbers are meaningless without taking the tire volume (fatness?) into consideration. You did will by including the size and actual tire name so we could tell what you’re working with. The other bit of information that’s relevant is how much you weigh.

As I always say, tire pressure basically boils down to “Enough to keep your rim from hitting the ground, give or take based on the specific activity.”

So for dedicated hopping, there is more potential for rim hits so up the pressure. But still keep it low enough for the tire to compress a decent amount. A really hard tire is not great for learning to hop, but if you want to bounce really high, the more pressure the better. To a point.

Actually if you want to do big, high hops your best bet is to use a fat tire with lots of air volume.