Bunny hopping

Yeah i was just wondering about bunny hopping,

well i can free mount and im comfotable with my uni but where do you put your pedals and whats the best way to begin to bunny hop…

cheers =]

Have the pedals and cranks horizontal - that is, parallel to the ground. Hold onto the front of the seat (assuming you’re hopping seat-in, rather than seat-in-front) and hop.

It’s a lot like hopping on a pogo stick.

Keep your cranks level, with either your right or left foot forward(find which one is more comfortable, I keep my left foot forward). Then put either your right or left hand on the the handle or the front of the saddle. Then pull up.

It might help to stand by a wall to keep your balance and to adjust your cranks. Jump to what ever side you start to lean toward and you will keep your balance.

Hope this helps:) :wink:


Cool thanks im going to go and have a try now although this typical british weather isnt doing too good at the moment ita raining every 5 mins instead of for ages then stopping so it makes terrible riding weather ah well haha

thanks again

“Chokolaet voot vorwardz” as Hans Rey used to say.


2 hours

2 hours of practise and i can do it! its the most amazing thing! haha =]

did it near a wall and then just went into the road and jumpedf 3/4 times =]

need more practise but i can do it


is a bunny hop the same as a regular hop? i recognise the term from b*king, but am not sure.

I think so

No, a bunny hop is a type of bike jump/hop. It’s where you compress, pull up the front end and then pulling up the rear with your feet and pushing the bike forward and up.

so a trials bike hop is a regular hop?

What do you mean? Trials biking has ton sod different methods of getting the bike in the air/up an obstical, Unlike uni where there is just one hop. With trials biking you can bunny hop, side hop, touch hop, jap slap, press up etc etc.

theres more than one type for a uni.

Rolling, side. Ok, 2.